How to Prevent Lawn Mower Accidents

There are three basic reasons why lawn mowers should always be in excellent condition. The first reason is to achieve excellent mowing results. The second reason is to maximize and extend the useful life of the mowers. The third and probably the most important reason is to lessen if not totally eliminate the chances for accidents to happen. The well-being and safety of people should be the utmost priority.

Lawn mowers are spring and summer machines because it is during these periods wherein the lawns need to be cut and trimmed. Mowers are very helpful to people who maintain lawns and these machines may seem harmless but their use can cause harmful and sometimes fatal injuries.

Common injuries that can be acquired if the mowers are not properly maintained and operated include mild to severe burns, lacerations and amputations. The most common victims of  lawn mower accidents are the operators. However, around 20% of those who fall victims to improper maintenance and use of mowers are bystanders which include children who run around the lawns while the lawns are being mowed.

Accidents that result to injuries can be prevented if the owners and operators of lawn mowers give proper care to the mowers and operate these mowers with great caution. In addition, mower operators must inform others not to run around or loiter in the lawn while the mowing task is ongoing.

There are general tips regarding the maintenance and operation of mowers which can be applied by mower owners and operators. These are important measures that can help in preventing accidents from happening. First, read the operator’s manual for the general and specific instructions regarding proper caring and operation of the mowers. Second, remove all objects in the lawns which can fly off and hit bystanders when mowers hit the objects. These objects include rocks, toys and other garden tools.

Third, wear protective shoes and goggles so that the feet will not be cut by the blades and the eyes will not be hit by small objects and grass clippings that fly off. Fourth, clean the mower parts and replace mower parts when necessary. Finally, in case the mowers get damaged or become unsafe to use, the mowers should be brought to professionals if the mower owners and operators cannot repair the mowers.

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