How to Make Money With a Blog — Top Tips For Success

If you want to see making money from blogging in your future, you need to build and launch your blog correctly from the beginning.  You need to make sure you are prepared to get your blog indexed and “seen” by your visitors.  You then need to get some back links to your home page and some internal post pages so that you move up the ranking for your chosen key words.  Sounds complicated, right?  It is really not that bad if you generate great content and post to you blog regularly.  Here are some tips on how to make money with a blog:

1.  Get Your Content Pre-Written —  You want to get your content pre-written for your first week of blogging.  This is important to position your blog for a strong start up.  You will start making money from blogging when you get a regular stream of visitors to your site.  You want to get into the habit of good content generation right from the beginning.  You want to have at least seven posts ready to go before you make your blog live.

2.  Learn How To Back Link —  You are going to have to generate back links to your blog.  This is a fact of life.  You want to learn how to submit articles to article directories and point links back to your blog.  This process is essential to your start up success with you blog.  Read up on back linking on line and learn how to do it effectively.  It is very important to your success.

3.  Set Weekly Work Hours To Get Things Rolling —  You have some work to do, and the best way to make it happen is to get time on your schedule.  Once you get into the routine, you will get a lot more work done in each hour.  In the beginning, it is critical that you force yourself to build your blog out on a regular basis.  If you work your schedule, you will see your blog start to grow very quickly.  This will help keep you motivated and this will keep you on track.

You need to get yourself prepared for a correct blog launch.  Once you get your blog off to a good start, you simply need to follow through and keep on posting and back linking.  This will allow you to have a strong launch of your blog, and income will not be far behind.

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