How to Improve Your Emotional Health

Mostly, people start to treat their physical and mental health seriously when not just disturbing symptoms appear but when really destructive troubles come to the scene. You remind yourself of wearing scarves when your throat hurts, and you learn how to get rid of stress after having suffered a heavy and deep depression.

And you come back to your previous lifestyle as only things get better.

The most wondering thing: people devote much more time and energy to their physical problems. It does not matter why things happen that way (for instance, physical problems are more visible and noticeable), it is so.

Still, physical pain is not always stronger than mental. It’s a pity, but humans look in the mirror more often than they look into their souls.

This article will help you notice emotional and psychical problems which you can fail to recognize in the flow of your days, and then it can give you the methods that are able to improve your well-being in a long-term perspective.

What is the Emotional Health?

Emotional health is the state of positive psychological functioning. The ability of a person to feel well despite external factors and conditions is included into it.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, emotional health is the state of well-being that allows a person to harmoniously function in a society and to keep up with demands of everyday life.

A person with a high level of emotional health is stable when life problems appear. And they treat these problems differently from those who have big troubles in this field of their life.

Two definitions presented above are good to form your primal understanding of the problem, but our goal is to go deep and to find out what living the emotionally healthy life means.

What Does it Mean to Be Emotionally Healthy?

Emotional health and emotional intelligence come along. What’s the difference between them?

In the first case, you are already emotionally healthy: you put your psychic in order like sportsmen maintain their body shape. The second term means you to be additionally intelligent about your emotions: this is when you know how to control your anger and to deal with rage and irritation. These two definitions are connected, and they complement each other.

Emotionally healthy people have skills to overcome difficulties after meeting them. This does not mean they don’t feel stress, anger or sadness. But they have the required knowledge that helps them lower the “negative intensiveness” and control their mood.

Such people are also able to direct their negative emotions into the required flow. This often happens in sports. For instance, boxers or football players use anger (or even hatred) to gain additional strength and energy, to put 100% of efforts to reach the result. You can use this trick in your everyday life, too.

Signs Meaning You to Be Emotionally Unhealthy

There are no people in the world who are totally healthy with their psychics, so the main goal is to understand how serious the problem is, and to learn how to normalize your psychic condition at any level. Analyze the following signs and find out what your current state is. Whatever the result is going to be, we offer you to use our recommendations which are further in the text of this article.


Of course, sometimes there are serious reasons to be insulted by your close people or strangers. But even if they exist, you shouldn’t think such a behavior to be healthy.

And if you get insulted for no reason, then this is one of the brightest signs you should pay attention to. When it is easy to hurt you, this means you have multiple problems hidden deep inside.

Imposing Thoughts

There is a simple rule: more negative thoughts staying in your mind for long hurt your mentality more severely.

It is only your call what thoughts to keep in your head. If some of them are destructive but still influence you for a long time, you need to take urgent measures and to improve your emotional health.

Sudden Mood Changes

Instability is one of the most serious signs. If sadness and cheerfulness change each other several times a day, that’s not normal. A person who loses self-control after a small provocation or irritation is emotionally unstable.

People are eager to explain mood changes with external factors on purpose. But they don’t have to break your balance totally in any case.

Bad Relations With Others

If you often start conflicts and look for issues even in your closest people, you should start to improve your emotional health.

There is an opinion that the person who looks for conflicts with others really tries to get rid of internal pain and aggression. Remind yourself of how your relations change when you have not enough sleep or a tough day.

Too Low or Too High Self-Esteem

If your self-esteem is too low or too high, that is a serious indicator of emotional problems. The situation is even worse if you rapidly come from self-blaming to the feeling of dominance. In this case, you have the chance to become a schizophrenic.

Bad Relations with Your “Self”

People speak with themselves constantly. If your inner voice criticizes and humiliates you instead of praising and inspiring you, then there are big problems.

Answer honestly if your psyche has similar signs. This will help you recognize the problem and start working on it. Otherwise, you risk your emotional health.

What Can Be the Consequence of a Low Emotional Health Level?

If you have been ignoring alarm signals for long and let yourself off, then there is a serious probability for you to destroy both your emotional and physical health.


Inability to deal with a long-lasting stress can lead you to depression. It influences your health catastrophically with somatic diseases.


If you wake up in the morning and feel sluggish, and then there appears the strong need to fall asleep in the afternoon, then it is quite possible for your emotional health to decrease.

Complete Lack of Motivation

When there is no motivation for a person, he or she does not care about all fields of life: they wear random clothes and don’t watch themselves; they don’t care about their health; they spoil relations with other people and let their personality degrade. They don’t care about goal achievement and don’t have any ambitions.

Victim Syndrome

In this state, a person blames people around and external circumstances in all problems. This means, he or she is not able to go on with self-development and to estimate themselves critically, and they also do nothing to get out of their emotional, physical and financial pit.

How to Improve Your Emotional Health

Below, there are several recommendations that can help you in improving your emotional health during a long period of time. When you incorporate them into your life, you will start feeling satisfaction and raise your happiness level to new heights. As a result, your self-confidence and motivation will grow, too. You will suddenly find out that you can enjoy your business and haven’t lost the taste of your life.

Once more: this is the process that demands devoting a long period of time for “therapy”. Sometimes, people cure their nose longer than their soul, so the world is full of people losing self-control in the slightest trouble and unable to deal with even the simplest problems.

Emotional health is very similar to the physical one. You can start training today, but there are not going to be instant results you could notice at once. Or, you can get good results at once and be very glad with them, and then you’ll meet the compensation period when preventing yourself from quitting the “therapy” is the most important task.

Recommendation 1: Secure Your Mind

People who are emotionally healthy don’t give in to fears, worries and stresses too fast. This means, they can notice the negative effect of such emotions and are able to overcome them at once. They can separate themselves from the fact that they are worried.

When the things go not as you would like them to go, it is easy to get influenced by destructive thoughts and emotions, uncontrolled worries and harmful habits.

The best tactics is to secure your mind. This means:

  • Do not watch the TV news programs;
  • Do not get into conflicts (except from separate cases when someone hurts your honor or unpleasant events happen);
  • Know how to interrupt the chain of negative thoughts;
  • Read inspiring and motivational books;
  • Create your mantras and affirmations;
  • Stop watching the things that make you sad.

Start with preventing your mind from getting “junked” with negative information. This does not mean you escape your problems; this is the way to stop creating additional worries when you are emotionally sensitive and unstable.

Refuse unnecessary things that cause negative emotions: you are going to feel yourself better in a week already. Human organism recovers unbelievably fast if only the poison stops getting in.

Recommendation 2: Feed Your Mind

If you limit the access to negative information, then vacuum appears. This vacuum needs to be filled with something useful. You need new knowledge and skills. This helps you getting new ideas and look differently at the world around and yourself.

Feed your mind with:

  • Books;
  • Educational videos;
  • New people;
  • New places;
  • Any other inspiring information.

Still, be careful: you need to understand that these two recommendations are not temporary but permanent. There will appear a temptation to come back to the previous habits as soon as you will understand these tips are working. As a result, your previous behavior comes out on top again: more negative info and less positive news.

Recommendation 3: Take Care of Your Body

Emotionally healthy people understand that their body and their mind are closely connected and can influence each other.

They understand that and find at least an hour per day to take care of their body with:

  • Running;
  • Swimming;
  • Eating healthy food;
  • Sleeping long enough;
  • Staying under the sunlight;
  • Doing morning exercises.

This helps them stay in a good and active mood. They surely drink a bit or don’t drink at all; they don’t smoke and don’t take drugs.

As you might have noticed, improving your emotional health needs you to “pump” your organism complexly. There does not exist a magic pill in this case, there only exists a long-term work on your body and mind.

Recommendation 4: Improve Your Relations

People surround you everywhere. Additionally, a human being is a naturally social creature. Today, it is very popular to be an introvert and to be proud of it. But still, this does not mean you don’t need to learn how to support good relations.

A healthy communication with people provides you with physical and emotional support required to solve life problems.

You should not only take something but give things in return. Egoistic relationships spoil the lives of both sides: there is no winner in this game. Try to be sincere, honest and give your help without counting on a mutual favor.

Recommendation 5: Maintain Balance Between Job and Private Life

Maybe, you are very excited with your business and ready to go in for it for days with no breaks. But the job is not the only thing.

A happy and full life is possible only in case you maintain balance at least in following fields:

  • Job;
  • Family;
  • Rest;
  • Entertainment;

Of course, sometimes you need to sacrifice certain fields, but at the same time you need to understand that you will devote time to them later.

Even if you feel that you have found your calling, other fields of your life will help you get inspiration and new perspectives, look at your job from a totally different angle.

Recommendation 6: Free Yourself of Negativity

Negativity comes not only from the outside as news and other external info. It is often forged inside, additionally taking much of your energy and time for that process.

Stop making a tempest in a teapot and don’t think of yourself as the world’s top victim. You have met a problem? Fine, start solving it using your previous experience or find an unexpected new solution.

Recommendation 7: Learn to Deal With Negative Emotions

Negative emotions suppress and destroy you. When they influence you for too long, there is no wish to solve them. You just want to sit and to look at the wall.

To be an emotionally healthy person, you need to learn how to prevent negative emotions from influencing your decisions or logic of behavior.

Recommendation 8: Create Your Everyday Rituals

Almost all great people created their rituals. We don’t speak only about Tony Robbins or Tim Ferris here. Persons of a great historical value like Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln did that, too. Of course, their rituals were different, but there can be found many common things if to analyze them.

You’ll find out that nearly 50% of “principles” are common for all rituals. Choose something that suits you from the list below and keep up with that useful habit till the end of your life:

  • Reading;
  • Meditation;
  • Diary writing;
  • Thanksgiving diary;
  • Goal setup;
  • Visualization;
  • Self-Reflection;
  • Morning exercise;
  • Yoga;
  • Praying;

These ways will help you get more energy, order your thoughts, gain motivation and enthusiasm which will be enough for the whole day.

Choose 4-5 points from the list and try them out after waking up in the morning.

Recommendation 9: Develop Self-Control and Self-Discipline

If you think that consumption of unhealthy food is not the sign of your low emotional health, you are mistaken. The same thing goes for any behavior that requires self-discipline and self-control.

If you do not cultivate these qualities, you start behaving like a child with all the consequences: the will to get all at once, to make an impulsive purchase and many more.

Saying simpler, you can’t be emotionally healthy if you haven’t developed your self-control and discipline. The ability to resist a temptation means that you don’t let unwanted passions and emotions dominate you. They do not control you. You control them.

We offer you to avoid temptations. This time, we give you another tip: buy something you like very much, and place it before your eyes. You need to last for 24 hours not touching this product. Look at it, lead your thoughts aside, but don’t use it. Support yourself with a thought that you develop one of the rarest qualities of modern times.

Final Thoughts

Emotional health improvement is not just “another thing I should pay attention to”. It is probably the top priority thing to go in for. Most of the problems appear because people just ignore their emotional health.

They work a lot, they spend much money, have vacations in warm countries, get married and have children but still feel themselves unhappy. Whatever is around you, you won’t feel happy without having your inner peace.

Start dealing with your inner calmness right now: the way is going to be long. But it is worth it.

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