How to Design Your Own Prom Dress

Are you looking forward to your prom night and have had sleepless nights just thinking about it? Just like everyone else, getting excited for that most awaited prom night is something worth looking forward to. Prom nights are glamorous, exciting, and sometimes, nerve wracking especially during the preparations. From the shoes to the makeup and of course the prom dress, everything has to be carefully planned for “The Day”. But with so many girls getting hyped about the event, how can you make yourself stand out above them? Of course by having a dress next to perfection! And the only way to achieve that is to design your own prom dress and and leave the prom dress designers behind.

  • To start with your project, the first thing you need to do is to look for prom dresses that will serve as inspirations.  Read clothing catalogs, check out local stores, or study pattern books found at fabric stores. Doing so can help you come up with an idea on how to put together the right elements of your dress. Or better yet, buy an inexpensive dress from thrift shops and use it as a pattern or even a part of your personalized dress.
  • Once you have the sample dress, go over it and study the elements that you like and do not like. How do you want to alter the dress? If there are some elements of the sample dress that you wish to incorporate to your new design, you can simply take the dress apart and make use of the parts you like. For example, if the dress has a beautiful skirt that you think will go well with another design you have in mind, simply remove it to create new attire.
  • If at some point you feel you want to alter another design but can’t seem to come up with a better idea, you can always buy dress patterns; be it for the whole dress or just some part of it. If you are looking for prom dresses under 100 dollars, this could be your best bet. As much as possible, avoid buying dress patterns that is difficult to alter. However, if you have no experience yet in sewing, better let the professionals handle it. Go to reliable couturier and explain to them how you want your dress to come out.

You can always design your own prom dress . That way, you won’t worry much about the risk of ending up with the same dress as someone else on the prom. Be creative. Make your own design. Surely, you will stand out from all the rest.

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