How Do I Invest in the Stock Market? Or Better, When Do I?

Many people ask how do I invest in the stock market. The better question might be when do I invest in the stock market. In buying stocks for the first time, are there a good and bad days to invest in the market? Most people say yes. To those people who own a stock market almanac, it is essential. Although this book cannot give you a list of stocks to purchase, it can give you the big picture to determine which direction the stock market might move on a particular day. You’ll have to look at it for yourself and see if it’s really useful or not, because in the end it is always your decision that counts.

In a stock market almanac you can see some information that can help you decide what action to take.  Let’s take a look at it and see what type of information you usually find inside. In this book you can see icons on the dates and will meet a certain criteria.  A bear icon for example shows that on a certain day the market is seen to drop 60% or more of the time for the past two decades, and the bull icon means that the stock market has gone up on a certain day at least 60% of the time or more.

There are some other indicators that are also very useful. There is no need to have a debate that the so-called witching day that falls on every third Sunday of the month really has a huge effect on the market. It is because this date is tied up to something very significant; it is the end of certain option contracts.

Using a stock market almanac, one of the biggest indicators to watch is the effect of politics on the stock market especially during elections or campaign days. You cannot think twice about this; politics definitely plays a major role in the stock market economy. If you are interested in learning about how dates and times will affect stock market investing, you should make sure you have a copy of the stock market almanac.

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