Heart Rings and What Styles Do They Come In?

If you are standing at the jewelry counter and find yourself eyeballing the heart rings that are for sale, you might be taken aback to discover just how many different choices there are available for the heart shape. The material and the stone will determine how much you can expect to spend on one of these rings.

CZ Heart Shaped Rings.

Cubic Zirconium (CZ) is one of the most popular materials in heart shaped rings on the market. The reason why this ring is so popular is because the ring gives off the impression that it’s a diamond and allows consumers who do not have a large amount to spend on any one particular ring to have a nice ring and a look that draws attention. This ring often comes in a gold ring setting and can also be purchased in white gold depending on the store or site you are perusing. This is a very popular choice for inexpensive wedding and engagement rings.

Precious Gem Heart Shaped Rings

There are selections of numerous types of rare gems that are made in the shapes of hearts and then are placed inside of the setting of a ring. The heart shape is the symbol of love and can be given in romantic expression or to a loved one as a mother’s day gift or birthday gift. This shape is typically worn by women only.

Typically, precious gem rings will cost a bit more than a CZ ring. When you purchase a precious gem ring be sure to insure it against theft, loss or damage to protect your investment. The ring will have to be appraised and a certificate will be given to prove how much that ring is valued at and the quality of the gem. Insurance is typically offered through most dealers.

Plain Heart Rings

There are a number of plain rings in the shape of hearts. These are most generally found in sterling silver and will not contain any stones or gems and will simply have the silver in the shape of a heart. The heart shape can be one continuous shape which will be solid or can be made from a number of different rings wrapped together to create one ring. This can also be a ring that has the shape of a heart and contains a saying inside of it as well. Another popular choice is the dual-heart ring—a rings with two linked hearts which symbolize a couple’s relationship—which is popular in the promise ring category.

There are so many different varieties to choose from when looking to purchase a new heart ring. The ring will make anyone who you are giving it to feel special and will make their day. If you are shopping for the ring for yourself, then you will want to choose a ring that is affordable and yet stylish. Generally, if you are simply shopping for the heart shape as a symbol, the determining factor will be the ring metal or gemstone. Others may simply purchase the ring for the gem or stone that is on it.

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