Harley Davidson Night Train

The Harley Davidson Night Train has a history dating back to the 70s. Back then, and for quite some time after, the Night Train was a part of the Harley Davidson softail family of bikes. However, eventually the Night Train grew in popularity, and the NTs began to branch out from their softail roots. In fact, the latest models can be considered as distinct from the softail family.

The Harley Davidson Night Train is best known for its impressive power. The Night Train is powered by a beastly Twin Cam 96 B engine. Thus, if it is power you want, the Night Train will not disappointed you. Another great thing about the Night Train’s twin cam engine is that is provides a very smooth ride in comparison to other bikes with similar power statistics.

The HD Night Train has a number of cosmetic features that make it the ultimate bad boy bike. Once you have a look at one up close you will know exactly what we mean. The Night Train comes equipped with a 21″ spoke front wheel. The handle bars are styled as if they are made for drag racing. And of course, the bike has 4″ risers. These features, together with the fact that the seat is lower than useful for a Harley bike, make for a very intimidating look when you hop on it while decked out in your riding gear.

Before you invest in a Harley Davidson Night Train, however, you have to go beyond the cosmetics. Although the Night Train is backed by a powerful engine, it is not a racing bike and should not be used as one. If you like to zip around corners, then the Night Train may let you down. In that case, you will be better off buying a bike that is smaller and has greater agility.

Instead of being a bike for getting from place to place quickly, the HD Night Train is ideal for going out on long cruises, or for getting around casually. The Night Train will turn heads and get a lot of attention, even in comparison to other Harley Davidson bike models.

You can get a nice deal on a Harley Davidson Night Train by looking through various online motor market places. A lot of dealers post details of their new and used stock online, as is now the favored method of looking for a place to buy a new bike. Online catalogs give people a chance to scan through lots of different options without having to move from their house. The dealers who are not getting on the online band wagon are missing out, so you will see more of a shift to online car dealerships in the near future.

As always, shop around for a while before you make a decision. Buying a new bike is a big decision and not to be taken lightly. The Harley Davidson Night Train is a great bike, but as we have said, it is not for everyone. There is more to a bike than sex appeal, so you have to think about the way you are going to use your bike before you invest in one. If you would like to use your bike for quick trips to the shops and you are not too worried about having an intimidating looking bike, then you are best off considering other options. However, if you know that the HD Night Train is the one for you, then all the best in your search for one.

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