Great Traditional Mexican Food Recipes

There is nothing as comforting as Mexican food and the ultimate traditional Mexican food recipes include tamales. Making tamales is often a family affair involving the aunts, cousins, sisters, grandma, it’s a time for the women to get together and spend an afternoon making some of the most delicious foods you could ask for.

There is no doubt that making tamales can be a huge task, but that is usually due to the fact that they are made by the dozens and dozens. Making hundreds of anything can seem like an ordeal. Of course, one needs a lot of tamales when there are several families all working together, but that’s half the fun of it.  However, if you’re not so fortunate to have a large family to share the project with, excellent authentic tamales can easily be made by a single individual … I know, I’ve done it many times!

Just be sure that you make plenty, they will get gobbled up in no time. Tamales also freeze well, so be sure there are some stashed away for those times when you just want tamales and there’s no time in your day to make them.

I’ve seen tamales wrapped in a number of things, but there is no substitute for authentic corn husks. This is essential, as the corn husks impart their flavor into the tamales when they are steamed.  Another equally important ingredient is the Maseca Masa used for the dough or outside of the tamales. All of these ingredients are easy to get at any local supermarket or Latin grocer.

Once the tamales have been formed, they are stacked in a large steamer and steamed until the dough is cooked and the tamales are heated through. Absolutely delicious! And for a scrumptious finish to your tamales meal, be sure to include the traditional Tres Leches Cake. This is no ordinary cake and it is so easy to make and completely decadent; your family will love it.

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