Golf Themed Wedding Accessories and Decor Ideas

There are several ways to incorporate your love for golf into your wedding decor. You can use themed wedding accessories, favors, decorations, and even food. So long as both the bride and groom agree on the decisions, of course.

There are many different ways to incorporate golf wedding accessories. The groomsmen can wear golf ball cuff links. It is simple enough and won’t draw too much attention. You can also purchase watches as gifts for the groomsmen where the face of the watch is the picture of a golf ball. There are also many different golf styled gifts you can use.

Another popular choice is having miniature golf clubs personalized with the date of the wedding engraved on them. You may also want to use wedding favors to incorporate your love of golf. A good idea might be to purchase a large bowl and fill it with fake grass. Then purchase a few bags of chocolate balls wrapped in golf ball foil. You can put a sign next to the bowl with a clever saying such as “Take Two, No Divots”. You might also want to decorate a table with fake grass as a table cover, insert a hole and put a flag in to it. Purchase several golf balls with some personalized information on it such as the bride and groom’s names or wedding date. Each guest can come by the table and grab a ball for a keepsake.

If you wanted to incorporate golf in to your wedding decorations, an easy way is to purchase several golf balls and outline the walkway the wedding party takes. Of course this idea would look better with an outside ceremony or beach style wedding. You may also want to use some golf clubs and balls for your wedding centerpieces on the reception tables. You can fill glass vases with golf balls as very affordable wedding table centerpieces as well.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the love for golf is the groom’s cake. This cake is usually designed especially for the groom. It can replicate an entire golf course, one favorite hole, or a putting green complete with a hole, flag, and even a golfer or two. Be sure to find a cake expert in your local area for more ideas.

Be creative in your selections and stick to the chosen colors accordingly. There are tons of websites and favors stores out there that can assist you in choosing the appropriate golf style wedding supplies, favors, decorations, and food if you care to dare. The most important thing is to remember to have fun. Enjoy.

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