Goals – Ways to Increase Vertical Jump

Many of use have a goal in life, whether it is to learn a different language, travel and live in a foreign country for a few years or write a book. There is always something that most of us want to accomplish before we are placed in a pine box and lowered into the ground; or worse, cooked. Many women, it would appear, have a goal to lose body fat; although many will never achieve that particular quest.

Men, generally have goals but they tend to keep such things to themselves; not wanting to hear people say, “I knew you would amount to nothing!” Basketball players and perhaps cat burglars have a similar goal and that is to perfect the vertical jump. A burglar would like to be able to vertical jump so as to enter houses and other dwellings from the roof.

Mind you, that’s a very high jump. It is clear the basketball player and perhaps a circus performer would have any real need to jump straight up. The first thing one would have to do is lose body fat, as much as possible. The lighter a person is, the higher they can get – or so the professionals say. The professional basketball coaches and managers probably tell their players to slim down and stay off the booze, screaming words like, “I want you guys to lose body fat! When I see you next week, I want all of you looking like you’ve been fasting for a month, clear?” The players all nod and begin a week or six of starvation – all to perfect the vertical jump.

It must be a hard life being a basketball professional. From morning to night, you have to train, and what time you have to yourself is spent sleeping because you’re too tired to leave the comfort of your bed. I’m sure the average player constantly hears the owner’s words echoing in his or her head, “I pay big money for you, so I wanna see results.”

The basketball player diets and continues with his or her goal of perfecting a beautiful vertical jump. Over the months of training, these skilled athletes do eventually, for the most part, achieve their goals to lose body fat and do, in fact, impress the trainer and coaches with a perfect vertical jump. If he or she had not made the effort to lose body fat, this goal would never have been attained.

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