Go Beyond House Training Your Dog

If one has been involved in dog training for many years, there are certain techniques that one learns that helps with resolving specific problems. Dog training schools is therefore a great source for dog training tricks as the trainers there work with many different breeds and situations and would have, through experience, developed many tricks that actually work. There’s a lot more to training dogs than the usual house training your dog.

My top 3 dog training tips are:

  1. Training your dog not to be scared of thunder.
    This tip has to be applied when your puppy is still very young. Puppies are not naturally scared of loud noises, but they are unsure and then look at their owners to see how they react. If you are scared and get a fright of loud noises, chances are that your dog will be too. Make a tape recording of various loud noises such as thunder, gun shots and fir crackers. When you are spending time with your puppy, put the recording on and carry on normally with whatever you are doing. Watch your puppy from the corner of your eye. You will notice that they get a fright and are unsure of how to react. If they however see that you are acting normally, they will soon ignore the noise and carry on with whatever they are doing. As with everything in dog training, this has to be repeated a number of time before your puppy is fully de-synthesized.
  2. Training your dog not to jump.
    Dogs jump up against people in enthusiasm and in an effort to get to your level. The simplest trick here is to lift your knee slightly when your dog jumps up on you. They should automatically back away when you do that. Once they are down, give them the attention they are asking for by going down to their level, stooping or kneeling and petting them. They will soon enough learn that they do not need to jump to get your attention. If the knee trick does not work, reinforce it by a rebuke and a slight tap on the nose. Do this every time your dog jumps up – no exceptions.
  3. Training your dog not to bark unnecessarily.
    Dogs barking as a way to communicate. Shouting at your dog when he is barking simply means encouragement to the dog – you are barking too! Found out the reason for the dog barking. Does the dog want to alert you to something strange or unknown, play with you or go outside? Once you have established the cause of the barking, react appropriately. If there is something strange, praise the dog and tell him it is ok. If he wants to play, either say no firmly or play with him. Either way, the dog has achieved its purpose and should merrily carry on.

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