Future Trends of Gaming

Gaming CybersportIn 2017, numerous experts predicted different trends of gaming industry to become popular. In their predictions they mentioned bigger numbers of VR supporting gadgets, active cybersport development, more demand for wearable devices and accessories and vanishing of the borders between console generations. Some of these predictions were true, some never happened. In 2018, new prognoses appear. Here are our predictions for the future gaming industry trends.

Rapid Jump in Cybersports Development

Cybersport competitions, where gamers compete in various gaming disciplines on international scale, are going to become more and more popular in future. According to the researches provided by “Statista” company, the value of cybersports market will rise to 1.5 billion dollars till 2020 (if average growth dynamics of 32% per year will be kept).

Mary Meeker in cooperation with the Kleiner Perkins company has published a report titled as “Internet Trends”. There she remarked, that the popularity of cybersports is almost equal to the traditional physical sport nowadays. In her report, she noticed that the percentage of young people from millennial generation who prefer to go in for real sports is almost equal to that of the fans of cybersports. If this tendency prevails, it is quite possible for cybersport competitions to become more popular than usual sport games in the near future.

Even More Indie Games

While everyone expects expensive blockbusters from the famous studios to be released, the flow of indie games is getting stronger and stronger, and it is impossible to ignore that. Independent developers have one undisputed advantage: they are free with their creativity. That is why many really creative titles appear. 2018 and future years promise to become the times of indie-development blossom.

Indivisible, The Last Night, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – these are only few projects with great potentials planned for release in 2018.

VR to Become More Mainstream

VR takes its part of the hi-tech market with confidence, and in 2018 and further, virtual reality devices will become more widespread and affordable. According to the prognosis, the capitalization of VR-gaming market will reach 45.09 billion dollars till 2025. Yariv Levski, the VR field expert, predicts revolutionary VR-sets to be different from Oculus Rift and Google Daydream and able to bring in haptic perception. He also tells about some significant achievements in the field of cloud VR-gaming.

We don’t know what will happen first, but there is one thing we can say for sure: VR is about to enter the gaming world solidly in 2018.

New Achievements of Gaming Physics

Most developers are more and more serious about realism in their games. So, they experiment with physics of objects and release really remarkable projects like a well-known Happy Wheels, where physics is the main point. In 2018 and in the future, we should expect more cross-platform games with the similar mechanics to appear.

AR Expansion Continues

Augmented Reality (AR) games are another possible trend for 2018 and the future. Unlike VR gaming, that requires particular conditions, AR allows to combine the game world and real environment. Thanks to the games like Pokémon GO, AR has its relative popularity at the moment, but in the future they are likely to invent more advanced AR games and technologies. 

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