Futon Mattresses – Choosing Which One Is Right

There are some considerations that should be made when choosing between futon mattresses. There are a number of things that will factor into when choosing which of the these mattresses is right for you and your household.

Weight of the Mattress

The weight of the futon mattress should be considered when deciding which mattress is right for you. The futon needs to be easily lowered down to turn into a bed and for this reason, you do not want to purchase a new mattress that will make lowering the futon difficult. The weight will also need to be considered for those times when it needs to be removed to be cleaned. Many futon mattresses come with a cover that can be removed to be washed. For this reason, you do not want to choose one that you can not lift on your own to remove the cover from the futon.

Flexibility is Important As Well.

The futon mattress should be flexible enough that it allows you to bend and move it easily. This mattress should bend so that it can be placed on the futon so when its being used as a sitting location, the mattress is bent to offer back support while still being flexible enough to be laid down flat. This should also be a product that will not slip easily. The futon mattress should stay in one place when being used on the futon as a couch.

Cleaning is Very Important.

There are a number of futon mattresses that come with a water resistant cover and other mattresses are not. It will need to be cleaned from time to time and therefore you want to choose a one that is easily cleaned. Some mattresses are just easily replaced in which it is cheaper to just replace it than to try to have it cleaned. The best thing you can do to protect the mattress is to purchase a mattress pad designed for these types of mattresses.

The other thing that you can do to protect your purchase is to not allow anyone to sit on the mattress while they are holding food and or a drink. Children should be told that they are not to sit on the futon while holding a drink or a plate of food. This will make sure that it is protected for longer periods of time. If something is spilled on your mattress, make sure to use a mild detergent on the spot. This will help make it last longer as well.

There are a number of good products to choose from such as the Simmons Futon Mattress, which is one of the largest manufacturers and offers the mattresses in a number of sizes. Another common manufacturer is the Elite CR Comfy Premier. This company offers a good product with excellent ratings and is among the cheaper mattress choices  on the market.

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