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If you are looking for free Christian counseling you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it. And there is no shame in looking for help. Everyone, that is everyone needs help at some point in their life. As Scott Peck stated in the beginning of his book The Road Less Traveled, life is tough.

Fortunately, there are Christian people who recognize this and growing out of their compassion as Christians are eager to help.

Here are just some of the problems people look for Christian counseling services.

Divorce. While the divorce rate has declined some it is still high. And it affects people who never thought it would. It is one of the most difficult and painful things that a person can go through. When divorce can’t be prevented through free marriage counseling, the divorced may very well need counseling help to get through the transitions they must go through.

Pornography. This is an addiction that is taking over more and more lives. With the easy availability and anonymity of the internet, it is far too easy for people to become entrapped and it often ruins their lives and disrupts their families.

Personal bankruptcy. In these days of financial crises more people (and those who never thought it would happen to them) are dealing with the loss of jobs and sometimes their homes. These financial problems may be beyond a person’s control. Other times people bring financial ruin on themselves through poor money management. In that case, free Christian financial counseling could be helpful.

Grief. Losing a loved one can turn a person’s world upside down. People who are grieving often think they are going crazy and that their reactions are somehow abnormal. A good counselor can help the grieving person understand that grief is a process and what they are going through is normal and typical.

Failing health. A person may have been very healthy all their life and then suddenly find themselves facing a serious illness. Another person may be facing a chronic illness, one that simply is with them everyday of their life. If nothing else, counseling may allow such a person to talk about their feelings and that in itself can be helpful.

Depression. This may be related to some of the issues already outlined here. The tough things that happen in a person’s life can get them down to the point where they cannot function in a healthy way.

On and on the list could go but the point has been made. Everyone struggles with problems and sometimes need some outside help. Counseling with a licensed therapist may be needed but for some the cost is prohibitive.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are looking for free christian counseling.

It is assumed that you are looking for a Christian counselor because you believe they believe some things that are vital to getting good help. You believe that they are helping you primarily because of their Christian commitment to help others. You believe that they have personal faith that will influence any directives that they are offer you. You believe that such a counselor would not suggest you do anything that was wrong or harmful to yourself or others.

You should realize that some Christian counselors are licensed therapists and other who may offer counseling help are not. So you should probably make a distinction between a Christian counselor therapist and just a Christian who offers counseling help. The later may have years of experience and some formal training however. Just be sure you know what you are looking for and what you get.

It will easier to get free help from a non-licensed therapist. Many ministers serve such a role or others in a local church that have heart for helping others. You could begin at your own church or if you don’t have one, or it is too small, you could ask around your friends and family members about any services at their church.

Many churches these days, especially the larger ones, do have licensed Christian therapists on staff. Some even have a entire counselor center with a number of counselors to choose from. Sometimes services may be free or at least on a sliding scale related to the counselee’s income level.

You should also know that not all Christian counselors will take the same approach. Some rely more heavily on Scripture in counseling while others may rely more on counseling theory and principles. A balance between the two would likely be best in many cases but again you just want to know which you are getting and that you comfortable with that approach.

Finally, while there are more and more online counseling services begin offered, including online Christian counseling, there are distinct advantages to doing it face to face. Some of the helping skills that a trained counselor has are related directly to being in the same space.

However, if that is not possible right now for whatever reason, don’t rule looking for help online. It could at least be a starting place from which if needed you could move onto to more direct and personal help. You may begin with free Christian phone counseling as a way of easing into to opening up on a difficult or embarrassing problem you are facing.

This is true as well for free premarital counseling. There are online marriage prep courses that you can use and let them help you identify key areas in your relationship so that when you go see a counselor you can focus on those issue.

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