Find a Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls

All parents want to know that their children are safe when it comes to taking them to the dentist. Finding an Idaho Falls pediatric dentist that truly caters to children can be a bit tough. You also may be restricted if you have dental insurance that will only allow you to see certain dentists named in your plan. Therefore, to find a pediatric dentist that accepts most major dental insurance carriers can take some time and effort.

Best Choice in Idaho Falls

In Idaho Falls, there is a pediatric dentist named Randy Smith. This practice truly has a caring and wonderful staff that put your child first when it comes to their health. The environment of the dental office is very child friendly and has many things for children to play with in the waiting room. Dr. Randy Smith has a partner who works with him in his office, Dr. Mark Marklowe who is also a pediatric dentist and completed his residency at the Miami Children’s Hospital. The other staff in the office helps to provide the best dental experience for your child.

At each visit to a pediatric dentist, the dentist discuss proper oral hygiene for your child to follow every day. During each visit your child’s teeth with be examined thoroughly to see if there are any problems requiring treatment.

Doctors Who Know How to Care for Children’s Teeth

Many things go into making sure that proper care is taken for your child’s teeth. This Idaho Falls pediatric dentist will answer any questions that you have, such as how to prevent tooth decay and determine if your child is receiving the proper amount of fluoride. All of these things are necessary to know to help avoid future problems.

You want to set the stage right for your child’s first visit to the dentist. The atmosphere of this great practice will give them just what they need to feel safe and comfortable to return in the future.

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