Fighting Bad Breath: Treatments for Bad Breath That Work

Businesses spend billions manufacturing and marketing gum, mints, mouth wash, and other products with the single goal of combating bad breath.  Stores are crammed full of them, and consumers continue to buy them because in our society good breath is essential.  Bad breath, or halitosis, is often embarrassing, socially humiliating, and repellent.  It can cause poor health, anxiety, depression, and exclusion. 

It is a troubling disorder and means of treatment need to be discussed.  Businesses market and manufacture merely temporary treatments for bad breath.  These are not the answer.  Fortunately, there are many long-term ways to prevent and treat bad breath.

Poor dental hygiene is the primary cause of bad breath.  Brushing your teeth and flossing every day are crucial to good breath.  The breakdown of food particles around your teeth create a foul odor.  Good dental hygiene rids your mouth of this odor leaving a fresh and minty mouth.  Tooth decay also emits a distasteful smell inside the mouth.  For this reason, proper and regular visits to the dentist are necessary for good breath.  The Stockton Dental community is full of great dentist office that will make sure your breath will always stay clean.

Some cases of bad breath require medical assistance.  Many illnesses can cause a distinctive breath odor from the chemicals they produce.  Excessive buildup of bacteria and gum diseases are also common causes of bad breath.  If you have meticulous dental hygiene and bad breath still persists visit or any other dentist to schedule an appointment.

Bad breath may seem like a trivial problem, but in all reality it can cause major problems.  From poor health to social exclusion, bad breath has a numerous amount of adverse effects.  Everyone has to deal with it, but dealing with it is usually extremely easy.  There is not a case of bad breath that does not have a long-term solution.  Good breath is just around the corner.

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