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Nurses have a significant effect on patients. They spend more time with patients than doctors and other specialists do, which means that they are more in tune with patients’ needs and concerns. Since many patients in hospitals and clinics are sad, angry, upset, or otherwise negatively affected by their condition, nurses must go the extra mile in order to make a patient’s experience more comfortable and less painful.

1. Being there – One of the worst parts of the hospital experience is the constant testing, recording, and evaluating that patients must go through. A nurse is a patient’s main human link during their stay. Nurses can make a huge difference with simple gestures such as learning a patient’s name, sitting at their level during conversation, truly listening to their concerns, and acknowledging their presence when discussing them with other healthcare professionals.

2. Empowerment – It can be humiliating and frustrating for patients to feel helpless in a hospital bed instead of out doing their jobs or taking care of their families. Even though patients aren’t in control of their illness, nurses can empower them by letting them make decisions each day, from meal choices to treatment plans.

3. Calming fears – Nurses often act as counselors to patients who are worried about an upcoming surgery or the lasting effects of their illness. They can validate this concern by patiently listening, then calm those fears by offering words of encouragement to help them get through the struggles ahead.

4. Respect – A few polite gestures can go a long way towards earning a patient’s respect, from asking a patient what he/she would like to be called to explaining difficult concepts slowly and with patience. This respect helps a patient trust the nurse and eases their fears and anxiety about the experience.

Nurses go to great lengths to make sure patients are comfortable, at ease, and happy during their stay in a health care facility. Has a nurse made a difference in your life?

This article was written by Erin McKinney, who is a licensed nurse practitioner. Erin also owns the site Masters of Nursing for students interested in getting an advanced degree in the nursing field.

Old Article below:

The demand for health care workers has risen considerably over the past few decades because of the general increase in population that has taken place all over the world. Due to a lack of human resources, more and more health care facilities are hiring nurses and LPNs. The time and costs that are associated with nursing degrees has led many to consider becoming nursing assistants or LPN’s instead.

The normal course duration of a standard nursing education is around 4 years. Though several schools have a two year program as well, this course is usually very tough both academically and financially. Many people who wanted to become nurses are now considering becoming LPN’s instead due to its high demand in the medical sector as well as the pay that LPNs get.

One of the prime reasons why people tend to go for LPN courses is because it takes less time to complete a LPN course (1 to 2 year) than a traditional nursing course (4 year). LPN courses are offered by many colleges and school throughout the world. LPN’s are also known as LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) in some states and a LPN course is generally hailed as the first step that a person can take towards a nursing career.

It’s important to understand that RNs and LPNs have different responsibilities when it comes to hospitals. RNs are responsible for a wider range of responsibilities than LPNs. An LPN basically learns to deal with the basics of nursing, such as giving patients oral medications, monitoring his vital signs and ensuring his general comfort and well being. As mentioned above LPN education is more focused on getting people acquainted with a basic, entry level nursing education.

Nowadays LPN degrees are even offered online, these online degrees are ideal for those individuals who want to study and work at the same time. Several sites on the internet offer online LPN courses, not only are these online courses more convenient but they are more cost effective too. And the great thing about them is that they provide students with the same quality education that they would get in a traditional classroom setting.

In order to become a registered LPN you are required to pass an exam. These exams usually take place after the 12 to 9 month course. The filing of applications for the NCLEX-PN exam has to be made to the state board of nursing, just like nurses.

After successful clearing of your exam you can start to practice your expertise. The employment opportunities for LPNs are great at the moment and many LPN’s are hired by nursing homes and hospitals. The average salary of a LPN varies in between the $30,000 to $36,000 mark; it varies according to the place you are employed at.

Having a LPN education also gives you ample time to consider whether a medical career is the right one for you. The LPN program helps you fine tune the skills that you would need in order to become a competent RN. The LPN education program is a great way to get a glimpse as just what life would be like as a registered nurse.

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Why You Should Buy Penny Stocks And Large Caps /why-you-should-buy-penny-stocks-and-large-caps/ /why-you-should-buy-penny-stocks-and-large-caps/#comments Tue, 15 Nov 2011 22:28:06 +0000 William G. /?p=6180 Most investors and traders alike understand the dissimilarity between penny stocks and blue chip stocks. The stark difference is such that they can easily be placed on opposite ends in comparison. One is an industry of very limited resources with a small market capitalization whereas the other is a corporation with strong reputation in market and ample capital resources.

I believe investors should own both types of stocks for different reasons.

A Bit About Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are offered by those firms which are in the growth stage, are relatively new in the market, and where there is often uncertainty with the future of the company. The shares are sold at a much lower price – typically less than a dollar. These companies are attractive to traders mainly due to the possibility of the company shifting from a growth stage to a point where they can rapidly expand, along with the share price.

There is definite risk involved but with little speculation the investor gets to be a part of an up-and-coming company which can turn out to be very profitable.

Understanding the Blue Chip Stocks

Unlike a penny stock, Blue chip stocks are offered by those companies which are backed by large amounts of cash and have a strong reputation in the market. They are listed as the top 500 companies in the United States in the Dow-Jones-Industrial-Average-list. The market capitalization of these companies is an overwhelming amount of more than $500 billion. The selling price for the Blue Chip Stocks is high – typically at least $10 and more often much higher.

Managing Risk

Despite the potential for high yields, the risk for investors is high when they invest in penny stocks. Blue chip stocks are more secure but the returns are lower over a longer period of time. The investor must weigh in the benefits and risks of penny stocks and blue chip stocks before making the concluding assessment. Of course, by having both in your portfolio, you can get the best of both worlds.

The balancing of investment in either type of stocks should be done carefully. Although riskier, the penny stock provides the opportunities for quick returns and can be a good addition to the portfolio provided they amount to no more than 20% of an overall portfolio.

Alternatively a penny stock ETF may be a viable option. The blue chip stocks provide security and modest growth.   These large caps are suited for people nearing the tenure of their professional careers. They also provide the mature investor a good option for placing funds where growth and returns are slow but more stable and secure.

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Parties in Ban Tai in Koh Phangan /parties-in-ban-tai-in-koh-phangan/ /parties-in-ban-tai-in-koh-phangan/#comments Sat, 05 Nov 2011 03:57:04 +0000 William G. /?p=6165 Thailand has several names. One of them is the ‘land of the free’. This moniker is partly because Thailand was never taken over by the British or the Japanese, and partly because Thai people tend to value their independence. When first going to Thailand it can be hard to understand how a country with prevalent traditional Buddhist values also is the world center for transsexuals. It is not a permissive attitude like in Western Europe that explains this seeming contradiction, but rather a ‘live and let live’ philosophy – one’s own karma is one’s own business.

The land of the free can also refer to the fact that Thailand remains a fairly decentralized country. In the south particularly they speak their own dialect and tend to ignore or just pay lip service to the edicts coming from Bangkok.

An example of this is the parties around the small village of Ban Tai on the tropical island of Koh Phangan. Ever since the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin started attracting big crowds there has been a general proliferation of all night techno and trance parties on the island.

Ban Tai is conveniently placed on the road between Haad Rin and the main town of Thongsala. It is an area with a long stretch of white sand beach that has cheap accommodation and plenty of jungle. This is also where the turning to Than Sadet and Thong Nai Pan is located. Within 3 or 4 kilometers of this road are 3 parties – Shiva Moon, Jungle Experience and the Half Moon Party. All three parties happen once or twice a month. They typically cost between 300 and 500 Thai Baht to enter and serve alcohol and food throughout the night. The parties are attended by just a few hundred people at the most. This is nothing compared the Full Moon Party that attracts 30,000 people.

The music at all 3 events is hard techno and psy-trance. It is a sound that has become associated with Koh Phangan. The island now has a small cottage industry making dance music. The parties are generally well organized with plenty of fluorescent decoration, VDJs and fire dancing displays.

The problem is that over the years the sound systems have gotten bigger and louder. Despite being in the jungle the ‘bom bom’ noise from the bass can be clearly heard in Ban Tai village. The villagers find it hard to get to sleep as a consequence of the noise coming from the jungle.

The law in Thailand stipulates that alcohol must not be sold after 2am and that parties must shut down at this time. The Shiva Moon Party, Half Moon Party and Jungle Experience all break this rule and finish at 8am the following day. Locals have complained to the organizers and to the police. Neither group has made any attempt to improve the situation for the people of Ban Tai.

It is great that people are able to enjoy themselves and that they are given freedom of expression in Thailand. It is a peaceful country great for traveling. It does seem a shame, however, that this freedom is abused by party organizers who seem to focus on money rather than maintaining good relations with the Thais living in the area.

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Want To Enjoy Your Wedding? Here’s A Wedding Poses Checklist That Works /want-to-enjoy-your-wedding-heres-a-wedding-poses-checklist-that-works/ /want-to-enjoy-your-wedding-heres-a-wedding-poses-checklist-that-works/#comments Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:59:04 +0000 William G. /?p=6164 You’ve got enough to do planning your wedding without stressing about what photographs you need to tell your photographer to take. I’ve been a wedding photographer for coming up for 10 years now and have a pretty good system for this which I hope you like. It makes sure the photographer knows that they’re doing, but gives them some freedom to get on with it, and won’t take up your whole day.

It’d be nice if you’ve got a bit of time to enjoy yourself with you friends and family rather than being pushed from pillar to post for photos.

1. The Formals

Try to limit the number to around 10 shots, involving parents, siblings, grandparents, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids, perhaps finishing with a shot of everyone. This is going to take 20-30 minutes, which I find makes sure everything stay really fun, and you can totally see that in the pictures. If things go on for too long, the photos just lack sparkle because people get bored and frankly could do with a drink.

2. Informal Groups

To help keep the number of formal groups down, why not give your photographer a list of some other groups you might like, say the bride and her girlfriends, the father of the groom with all his brothers, or an important aunt with her family. The photographer can get these over the course of the whole day, the people involved will still feel special, but the photos won’t be so similar, all shot at the same time in the same location as the formal groups.

3. List Of Important People

Provide a list of all the important guests coming on the day, so your photographer knows not to miss any of those out.

4. Leave It At That

If you’ve employed a good photographer, trust them to get all the key moments in the day rather than writing it out for them. When I’ve been given a list like that, I’m kind of obliged to work my way through it. As a result, I miss loads of lovely natural stuff happening and get less shots overall.

I hope that’s enough to help get things going. The photography is important to remember your wedding by, but it’s only a part of the day. Make sure you have time enough to have an amazing day…

If you want to check out a full list of suggested formal shots, and some more detailed notes about it, please click here to have a look at my site.

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Time for You to “Get With It”: A Guide to Making Pour Over Coffee at Home /time-for-you-to-get-with-it-a-guide-to-making-pour-over-coffee-at-home/ /time-for-you-to-get-with-it-a-guide-to-making-pour-over-coffee-at-home/#comments Fri, 04 Nov 2011 00:44:08 +0000 William G. /?p=6163 Pour over coffee first became a ‘trendy subject’ about a year and a half ago.  Before then it was only really discussed by baristas, coffee roasters, and other active members of the specialty coffee community (myself included).  Yet, even then, when we spoke about it I never thought about making it at home – I guess I just hadn’t tried enough of it to realize its potential and more than anything else, I had no idea how inexpensive and  simple the entire process was.

Yes, it is very simple – and I will teach you how to make pour over coffee at home.

Get a Ceramic Dripper

The only purchase that you will most likely need to make is a ceramic dripper to actually brew the pour over coffee in.  These are really inexpensive, I personally prefer the Hario v60 which can be purchased online for somewhere in the ballpark of fifteen dollars.  It’s just a dripper, it doesn’t have any moving parts or complex mechanics so chances are you will buy one and it will last you a lifetime.

Set the ceramic dripper on top of a coffee mug.  Put about twelve to eighteen grams of freshly ground coffee into a filter inside the v60 (or whichever pour over apparatus you choose) and boil water.

Once the water is heated pour it over the coffee grounds in a circular motion.  I always pour counterclockwise.  Does it matter?

Not at all.

Don’t Let it Overflow

The second time that I made pour over coffee with my Hario v60 I kept pouring the water so enthusiastically that I forgot to check the coffee mug and make sure that there was still room.  I ended up pouring a little too much water and overflowing coffee all over my kitchen counter.

What a mess!

Learn from my mistake here, and lift the ceramic dripper every twenty or thirty seconds so that you can visually gauge exactly how much more of a pour you need.  Some people actually preemptively measure the amount of water that they boil, which logically makes sense, but I don’t because I think it’s a waste of time – as long as I remember to lift the dripper and check my coffee cup.

Whichever way you choose is fine – and measuring the water beforehand is probably the best idea, I’m just letting you know that I don’t bother with it and I’ve only made a mess once.

Hopefully it stays that way.

Happy brewing!

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The Weber Genesis S320 Home Gas Grill for Your Backyard /the-weber-genesis-s320-home-gas-grill-for-your-backyard/ /the-weber-genesis-s320-home-gas-grill-for-your-backyard/#comments Sat, 22 Oct 2011 01:04:06 +0000 William G. /?p=6140 If you take home barbecue seriously and you want the best food for your family, then Weber is the way to go. They have a numerous grills in their line of great home barbecues, and perhaps the Genesis S320 is the best. You can’t beat quality Weber construction and ultimate performance that will deliver wonderful culinary memories.

This is much more than a simple barbecue, it will become a part of your home and backyard, and a valuable contributor to wonderful family memories. Like many other Weber products, chances are this one is going to last you for years and that means you get full value even though it has a high initial purchase price. Not everyone will be eager to spend $1000 on a new gas grill, but it might actually be more cost effective if the alternative is constantly replacing cheaper models.

It’s Big!

The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its immense size as it definitely stands apart from standard gas grills. This is the type of barbecue that will come to dominate your backyard so you better make sure you have enough room for it. In terms of

appearance, it looks exactly what you would expect a traditional barbecue to look like. It has a rectangular frame and a rather simplistic exterior that somewhat misleadingly hides the potential cooking power inside. But all you have to do is fire it up before you realize exactly how much potential you’re working with.

It’s Fully Loaded!

The Genesis S320 comes fully loaded with three potent butane burners that are strategically placed along the bottom of the grill. Each burner comes attached to individual control which allows for precision temperatures for whatever you place on top of the grill. With a bit of configuration, there’s no reason why you can’t cook different types of food all at the same time, and you can even pump up the settings to create an outdoor oven effect.

Closing the lid effectively seals in the heat and traps in all of the wonderful flavor. Even more, Weber gas grills like these come complete with “flavorize” bars that effectively evaporate drippings of fat and send them back upwards. That means a double dose of flavor with authentic barbecue taste infused with the juice of whatever food your cooking. Big thick steaks are taken to a whole new level if you also use the sear station that will allow you to create a charbroil affect similar to what you would find in a professional restaurant.

You’ll appreciate the large cooking space you get with this Weber model and it far exceeds anything you could find with a standard charcoal grill. With over 500 square inches of cooking space plus a back warming rack, you can feed your entire family and several more. This is definitely a product for people who plan on cooking for large groups, and it’s going to be responsible for some pretty rocking parties with a long guest list of hungry friends.

The temperature control and amount of cooking space both combined to give you the ability to experiment with new dishes or bring traditional ones to life with spectacular results. Quite simply, this is a straightforward barbecue that packs a punch and you won’t find anything better in its price category.

Find more info at Amazon:

Weber 3780001 Genesis S-320 Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber 3880001 Genesis S-320 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber 6521001 Genesis E-320 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

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Mineral Makeup Review: Youngblood vs Neutrogena /mineral-makeup-review-youngblood-vs-neutrogena/ /mineral-makeup-review-youngblood-vs-neutrogena/#comments Fri, 21 Oct 2011 18:50:04 +0000 William G. /?p=6139 Choosing from the plethora of mineral makeup products that are on the market today can be problematic. There are various price ranges to consider and do you get involved in an auto shipping program?

Are the brands available on the high street as good as those advertised on infomercials or vice-versa? Here are two of the product lines that we recommend. Take what you can from this article about these 2 and if you are still not swayed either way, at least you have a few reference points to measure against other products.

Neutrogena Makeup

First up, let’s look at the Neutrogena healthy skin option. This household name has had the word ‘natural’ associated with it for years now, their Neutrogena mineral sheers product certainly lives up to this outlook. The powder which is contained in this compact

is designed to nourish the users skin with time released antioxidants and are also helpful with sun protection with an SPF of 20.

The Neutrogena mineral sheers will create the look of flawlessness while also having the benefit of omitting potentially harmful ingredients such as fragrances and oils. The powder is great for layering and will not leave you with that caked look that you can experience with similar products, it blends with ease into the skins tone when the correct colors are selected.

Neutrogena is a great choice for those who prefer to choose a brand name they can trust, can be found and tried out on the high street, and that also does not cost a pretty penny to purchase.


Youngblood Makeup

Youngblood is another company that has become popular among many women in past years. Fairly young in the industry at only 15 years they have nevertheless made a name for themselves with lots of women including a few famous celebrities. Youngblood reviews have been very positive in nature despite carrying a heavier price tag than many similar brands.

Some of the benefits of Youngbloods products are that they come in both a pressed mineral foundation and also in liquid form. The range of colors is very wide meaning that women who have trouble finding a match for their tone will likely find something in the range to suit, and also, the product is concentrated so a little will last you a long time.

As you likely know, no brand of makeup is guaranteed to be right for all women, you need to test and experiment to find out what will work for you. With that said, both Neutrogena and Youngblood are great places to start experimenting with mineral makeup products.

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Three Of The Best Anti Aging Creams On The Market /three-of-the-best-anti-aging-creams-on-the-market/ /three-of-the-best-anti-aging-creams-on-the-market/#comments Fri, 21 Oct 2011 02:49:06 +0000 William G. /?p=6138 Today’s scientific advances have led us to create some of the best anti aging creams for far less in cost than they were in the past. My colleague Bree Roberts from created a list of her top 10 best anti aging products. I set out to create a similar list, albeit much smaller. The following three products are highly effective at removing wrinkles and age spots.

Suzanne Hydra Lift Treatment

The Suzanne Hydra Lift Treatment is one of my favorite anti aging products. The manufacturer recommends applying this treatment every morning and night for maximum results. If desired, you can combine the Suzanne Treatment with a base moisturizer to speed up the process of revitalization.

One the best anti aging creamson the market, the Suzanne Hydra Lift Treatment includes a potent blend of sea minerals (including sea algae and kelp), botanicals and vitamins that refresh and renew dead

skin cells leaving a firmer, stronger surface. It also includes natural alpha hydroxys which brighten the complexion and soften your skin over time.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream worked incredibly fast at removing dark spots and blemishes. My friend tested this product for only a week, and several of her annoying age spots had disappeared.

In order to experience quick results, you must apply the product daily. The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream works by penetrating deep within your skin to target free radicals and eliminate harmful waste. It is a highly popular product according to several consumer reports and review sites.

RE9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel

The RE9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel is recommended by dermatologists for its maximum effectiveness and anti-irritating properties. The gel is designed to eliminate wrinkles and blemishes after regular use. It also has the added bonus of greatly brightening your skin’s complexion.

Don’t be discouraged by the higher than normal price for this product as it will deliver value over time. I noticed that I only needed a small dime-sized amount to spread over a large area of my face. So a little goes a long way with this high-value cream.

There were many products we tried and we found these three to be the best anti aging creams. Each of these products will visibly reduce age spots, wrinkles and stretch marks. Try these products to see how truly effective they are. After about two weeks of regular use, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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Don’t Be Cursed by Cash: Bootstrap to Grow Your Business /don%e2%80%99t-be-cursed-by-cash-bootstrap-to-grow-your-business/ /don%e2%80%99t-be-cursed-by-cash-bootstrap-to-grow-your-business/#comments Thu, 20 Oct 2011 04:13:05 +0000 William G. /?p=6137 One of my good friends was one of the first employees of a local software startup. The company had some interesting technology that would help big corporations find higher quality job candidates for positions they were looking to fill. The goal was to cut in on the business of the big headhunting businesses who charge corporations big commissions when they place a new employee.

The software that drove the business was pretty sexy (in a nerdy way, of course). Individual investors as well as groups were putting in cash, on the order of millions of dollars. The startup even had the classic brash young CEO who was going to set the world on fire with the new product.

A few big customers signed up for the service, paying hefty monthly fees, and things seemed to be going swimmingly.

But then those customers started demanding new features – features that might benefit them but not necessarily other users. The new business had to start hiring software developers to keep up with feature demands, and payroll shot through the roof.

This is the point at which a bootstrapped business would have had to say “wait a minute. We don’t have the money to keep up with every new feature a user asks for. We need to keep the product lean and mean, and in tune with the needs of our true average user.”

But because this startup business was suffering from the curse of cash, they didn’t slow down. They reached out for more investor money and built, built, built. They added feature after feature to the software, with nobody really taking a step back and saying “hey – is this product actually creating results for our customers?”

Long story short, the slick young CEO was fired when cash flow wasn’t coming even close to meeting expectations or costs. Worst of all, the investors’ money had insulated the company from the harshest reality of all – their product really didn’t work very well!

And that’s how cash can be a curse. All that extra money sitting in the bank distracts you from what really matters – the value and competitiveness of your product.

If you’re lean, mean, and practically starving – I mean really trying to start up a business with no money –  you’ll have no choice but to make revenue your only focus. You’ll have to sell, sell, sell – praying you can get just enough customers to keep the lights on while you improve your product and attract more attention in the marketplace.

And that’s how great products and successful small businesses are born. Keep that in mind before you go all out looking for cash to start a business.

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Let’s Talk About the Pros and Cons of Online Dating for Christians /lets-talk-about-the-pros-and-cons-of-online-dating-for-christians/ /lets-talk-about-the-pros-and-cons-of-online-dating-for-christians/#comments Tue, 11 Oct 2011 14:31:09 +0000 William G. /?p=6125 It is amazing to see how the online dating world has quickly embraced Christian dating with so much of excitement. The virtual online meeting place offered by the dating community all over the world  has naturally evolved  as a perfect setting to meet like-minded individuals, and helped to embark upon a happy and rewarding relationship between Christian singles .

The good part about online dating is that many obstacles to your initial nervousness get removed and the online process itself helps surpass  the barrier of “breaking the ice’ between two people who come in contact online. In short the setup,  your initial teething problems, extra time, and friends chatter get automatically removed. But despite this, don’t make the mistake of thinking that online dating for Christians can be easy.

The truth is whether it’s online or offline, searching for a desirable partner, enabling a lifelong friendship and nursing that relationship into a bond which has the potential for  a lasting marriage takes a lot of good work. The following inputs for men and women are designed to help Christians to be more effective and purposeful before pursuing online dating

Why online Christian dating  is the preferred option
Various Christian singles from both men and women have revealed that  the online dating method is more comfortable, convenient and efficient compared to offline methods. While offline methods may be good to get going for a start and before you go on the internet, people have realized that  Christian online dating is both convenient and helpful because you can scan through an extensive database of other Christian singles 24×7 in the cushioned comfort of your own home and at a time slot or space which you can decide for yourself. Similar  people being on the same platform makes it easier for you to search and locate such people who may be looking for the same qualities and people as yourself. All you need to do is type your criteria in the search box and find new friends in the most simplistic manner.

How much would it cost you
Depending on the services and facilities that you may need with your account, membership fees for online Christian dating may vary from  10 dollars to 100 dollars a month. The reputation of the site and the database of members that the site has besides the testimonials of successful Christian dating people on the site also has a bearing on the price. It is always better to first take the trial memberships if offered on such sites so that you can get a feel of what potential the site has to offer you and subsequently you could opt for the paid memberships.

What precautions should you take while dating online
Being online, the world is a virtual world and you should accept that reality. You could well be connecting with bogus people especially if you are dating with the free dating sites where such mischief is often played by scamsters. Also profiles of prospective dating profilecan be misleading and may be manipulated to give a picture of Mr Perfect or Miss Charming.You should therefore be careful not to divulge your personal information until you get to know the person well online and also until you actually meet the person and get to know about him or her.

There could always be issues of secrecy on factors such as  marital status, educational qualifications, previous history, health related issues, financial standing and other such personal data which could be far from the truth.

However for the good part, statistics have revealed that one in 7 couples who encounter online go ahead towards a long term dating relationship which is actually a good conversion ratio considering that a single person could be choosing one from many dating options available  and eventually decide to link up with one of them.

Give your partner due honor and respect
Showing respect and honor to the opposite Christian single is the hallmark of a good Christian dating relationship and as Christians, we should always endeavor to nurse a relationship which has mutual respect written all over it. Treating your Christian single partner with respect automatically strengthens your Christian values and you become a messenger of Christianity for the world to see and follow. Each Christian has to give his own contribution to build the faith of Christianity and together we build our reputation as Christians to the whole world . So endeavor to be  friends with your Christian single first. God will then reward your friendship with the love if you so desire.

You can choose to use both online and offline methods of dating to get to your goal of securing the right partner for yourself. Just keep in mind that developing a good Christian friendship and taking it ahead towards love and matrimony should be your way forward in this world where everyone is seeking a partner not knowing that it is easy if you allow good Christian values to envelop you.

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