Enjoy Your Mexican Talavera Pottery

Many of us would have seen the Talavera style of pottery but are unaware of the name and where its origins lie. Talavera pottery is the hand-made, brightly colored pottery from Mexico that evokes a strong sense of rustic charm. Once you have had the pleasure of seeing Talavera artifacts it is unlikely that you would forget them.

There are many ways in which Mexican Talavera pottery can be introduced into the house with all kinds of items made using the style. Talavera serving dishes and bowls, plates and jugs are all made in the bright hand-painted colors that can be appreciated for very little outlay.

It is possible to introduce the style into the kitchen on a more permanent basis by using Mexican Talavera tiles. Whether they are used in a small section of the kitchen that you wish to highlight, or as a more elaborate decorative wall tile will depend on how ready you are to create a highly decorated room.

Talavera tiles can be placed in any configuration and are appropriate for large scale feature designs or as more restrained accent work. Dotting single tiles among larger plain white tiles is a very effective way to include a brief splash of color in the room without taking the effect too far. But the tiles are at their most effective when used together in decorative formations.

The tiles are often painted so that they will complete a larger design if they are pushed together next to one another. Recognizing this and using it in a way that adds greater appeal to the room is the job of an astute designer.

With Talavera tiles on the wall there should be a greater incentive to place any Talavera pottery you own on display to capture the colors and style that should blend in nicely.

The only danger that you might have could come down to overloading the eyes with too many conflicting patterns. Talavera is a fun and bright style to make generous use of and should be enjoyed wherever possible. Now all you need are some good traditional Mexican food recipes to get your house smelling like Mexico.

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