Different Types of Hibachi Grills

There are many varieties of the cast iron hibachi grill. The hibachi’s shape makes it ideal for outdoor cooking. Let us get to know the various types of hibachis which you can choose from is you are thinking of buying one.

  • Gas hibachi. This is a recent innovation of the traditional hibachi. The gas hibachi uses propane in order to cook food. This is the perfect hibachi to use if you do not want the charcoal aftertaste on your food. The gas hibachi works like most electric barbecue grills. Gas grills have consistent heat and it cooks food faster than charcoal hibachis.
  • Charcoal hibachi. This is the traditional cast iron hibachi. Its source of heat is the charcoal, as implied by the name. This type of hibachi produces heat so intense, it will last for hours. Most charcoal hibachis have multi-level cooking, one near the charcoal and another which is a little farther away. Charcoal hibachis a smoky taste on meat, fruits and vegetables which people love very much. The only downside to this type is it can be a little difficult to get used to.
  • Ceramic hibachi. Ceramic hibachis are most often used for decorative purposes and not for cooking. The design for ceramic hibachis has remained the same as they were decades ago. These types of hibachis are known for their elegance and beauty. Ceramic hibachis are often collected today as antique and they do fetch a hefty price, especially the unique ones.
  • Metal hibachi. Metal hibachis are durable but they can be a little heavy compared to the other types. Metal hibachis also radiate heat better and they cook more evenly. Copper and cast iron are the most usual materials but aluminum is gaining a huge fan base. When using metal hibachis, choose cast iron. They will last a long time and they can be relied upon to produce great tasting food. Do not buy cheap aluminum, they rust easily

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