Compact Wine Regrigerator or Large, Still Not a Wine Cellar

You are not really much of a wine fanatic but there is no need to disconcert wine cellar from wine refrigerator. They are quite different. A wine refrigerator cools wines at proper temperatures while a wine cellar is a storage device. Still not quite clear? A wine refrigerator is for short term use only while a wine cellar is for long term use. It’s like the movies where you get to see underground basements holding up wine. That’s wine cellar for you.

You can store your wine in a wine refrigerator for less than one year and not more than that. It’s not a device for aging wines. Even so, there are some wine fridges that have been utilized as replacements for wine cellars to cut down the costs. This is probably why people have problems differentiating wine cellars from wine refrigerators.

Take note that white wine is usually stored at chilled places while red wine is stored at room temperature. This is one important point aside from distinguishing wine cellars from wine fridges.

In noting down the humidity of wine refrigerators you cant go over the usual 40%. It’s a standard in wine fridges. This is why you will have to be careful in choosing from those manufacturers that claim they can go over 50%.

You can always choose among the capacities or a wine fridge. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Take note of specific needs you will need before buying one. Example, know what capacity your cooler will need, the number of bottles, the type of wine and such.

Check out certain features like double paned doors and leveling legs to decrease unsettling of your precious wine bottles.

Now, you are more acquainted with wine fridges. Whether you get a compact wine refrigerator or a big one, they are really different from wine cellars. Be sure you don’t mix them up with cellars!

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