Club Wear Mini Dresses Do’s and Don’ts

It’s Saturday night again! It is time for bar hopping, drinking, and dancing till you drop. Gather your girl friends, put on your new mini dress, and plan for the night. Maybe it would be great to go to some hot club and mingle with the singles! You have to be smashing when you arrive, you don’t want to be ignored at a corner believe me.

First you have to call the club, make sure you get yourself in the guest list. Then find a friend who has wheels. You wouldn’t want you or your friends suffer by commuting to and from the club, especially if you are all dressed up unless you get hooked up with a guy you meet at the club and end up going home with him after the night. 

Next you have to think about your budget, do you have the money. It’s such a spoiler when you don’t have the bucks to party! Lastly you have to think about how you will look your hair, make-up and of course your clothes.

Women who are not conscious about how they look would surely choose to wear jeans and a shirt for comfort. However, this does not give you hotness points. You will look dull and boring if you go on a club looking like this. You have to be experimental. Some would opt to wear slacks and nice blouse and accessorize. This is a good alternative to jeans and shirt especially if you are a bit on the heavier side.

However, if you have a hot body and you really want to look smashing try wearing club wear mini dresses. You will surely get the attention of the boys. To give you an idea, club wear are clothes that are often revealing, sexy and show some skin.

I know that some are afraid to try club wear dresses because they don’t want to look like sluts but there are different styles of club wear mini dresses. You can look sexy without being slutty. First let’s look at fishnet strappy dresses. Now this type of dress is what you should avoid if you don’t want to be mistaken as a hooker because this will surely show everyone your all.

You could however dress this down by wearing something inside like a fitted tube dress. Another type of dress popular in clubs are halter mini dresses. Now, this is the dress to go for if you want to reveal your nicely shaped shoulders. There are also mini dresses with plunging necklines. Now be careful when you wear this kind of dress because you could easily have a nip slip without proper bra.

When wearing plunging neckline mini dresses, it is safer to use stick on bras, some have the mechanism to lift the bust even if they are just stick-on. Also don’t wear plunging necklines if your boobs are small or sagging because you would want to show a little cleavage to entice the on lookers. If you want to be simple, choose off the shoulder mini dresses, tube dress, bat wing dresses or mini dresses with sleeves. Whatever you choose make sure it fits the shape of your body perfectly.

Remember to accessorize with belts, jewelry and don’t forget your cute bag. Wear heels and strut your stuff. It is not what you wear but how you carry it. Happy clubbing!

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