Christmas Themed Gift Ideas for Young Boys

If you are short on ideas for Christmas gifts for a young boy in your life, then why not get them a Christmas themed gift that they can enjoy during the holidays. There are several different gifts you can give a young boy that has to do with celebrating Christmas. Here are some gifts to consider buying for your little guy.

GeoTrax Christmas in Toy Town Train

If your boy loves trains, then consider getting him this awesome GeoTrax Christmas train. This train is geared towards young boys from ages 3 years and up. It’s perfect for setting up under the Christmas tree or even on a window sill so everyone can enjoy it. The nice thing about this train is that it’s so easy to put together for young kids but looks really nice and not cheap at all.

It comes with working lights as well as a bridge that plays music every time the train passes over it. There are all kinds of fun ways to set this train up and you can even add in some additional pieces as well. It’s easy to control as the remote only has 2 buttons and you can even manually push the train along if you wish.

Lego Winter Toy Shop Set

If you have a little boy who just loves Lego sets, there are a few different Christmas ones that you can choose from. One of the most popular ones though is the Lego Winter Toy Shop. The toy shop is a fun, customizable set that comes with all sorts of different accessories. Little ones can even build it one way and then switch it up and build it another day so that every couple of days you have a new Christmas scene. This not only works great as a Christmas gift but can be used as a nice decoration for years to come as well.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Monopoly

If you are looking for a gift that is a little cheaper than the ones mentioned above, then why not try a unique Christmas game. The Rudolph the Red Nose Monopoly is a fun twist on the Christmas story paired with a classic game. In this game Rudolph and his friends have to guide Santa through the blizzard to help save Christmas.  It is geared towards kids ages 7 -11 years old and is actually perfect for both boys and girls.

An added bonus is that adults will love to play the game as well so it makes for a great family night game as well.

Christmas themed gifts can be a great way to get little boys even more excited about the holiday. They can be items that are treasured for years to come as you pull them from your holiday decorations and remember all the memories that come with them.

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