Characteristics of the Perfect Masquerade Mask

Whether you are getting ready for a trip to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebrations, getting yourself prepared for a fantastic Halloween, or attending a private masquerade party, you’ll want to wear a mask that will allow you to make the most dramatic presentation while allowing you to also have the most enjoyable time. Here are a few tips to help you choose and wear the perfect mask for your event.

First of all, be unique! Your mask should represent your personality and style, even while you are hiding behind it. Choose colors or styles that suit you. Are you a feathers person or a leather person? Is your style abstract, representational, or just festively gaudy?

Second, make sure your costuming is unique. Don’t purchase generic masks from a party store. This will be instantly read as not even caring and just grabbing whatever is to hand. Make your own mask by painting a base mask and gluing sequins, feathers, beads or paint to it. Hot glue is often good for instant positioning of your decorations. Or find an artist that specializes in masquerade ball masks, and splurge on working with her to express yourself.

Most importantly, choose a masquerade mask that will be comfortable for the whole evening. You would not want to have to take your mask off early, be miserably itchy for hours, or be seen during the end of night reveal with bruising on your nose! Make sure the strap is not too tight around your head, that the mask has no sharp edges, and that nothing tickles your face annoyingly. Also make sure you can see easily through the eyes of the mask. Tripping over things, or not being able to enjoy the other costumes at the event, is no fun at all.

Have fun, be fabulous, and enjoy choosing the mask that is right for you!

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