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Want To Enjoy Your Wedding? Here’s A Wedding Poses Checklist That Works

You’ve got enough to do planning your wedding without stressing about what photographs you need to tell your photographer to take. I’ve been a wedding photographer for coming up for 10 years now and have a pretty good system for this which I hope you like. It makes sure the photographer knows that they’re doing, but gives them some freedom to get on with it, and won’t take up your whole day.

It’d be nice if you’ve got a bit of time to enjoy yourself with you friends and family rather than being pushed from pillar to post for photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Talk About the Pros and Cons of Online Dating for Christians

It is amazing to see how the online dating world has quickly embraced Christian dating with so much of excitement. The virtual online meeting place offered by the dating community all over the world  has naturally evolved  as a perfect setting to meet like-minded individuals, and helped to embark upon a happy and rewarding relationship between Christian singles .

The good part about online dating is that many obstacles to your initial nervousness get removed and the online process itself helps surpass  the barrier of “breaking the ice’ between two people who come in contact online. In short the setup,  your initial teething problems, extra time, and friends chatter get automatically removed. But despite this, don’t make the mistake of thinking that online dating for Christians can be easy. Read the rest of this entry »

Buying A Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

Face the facts. If you’re looking for cheap diamond engagement rings, you’d better be prepared to find that a diamond engagement ring is not so cheap. As you are approaching your wedding day, you will realize that looking for a cheap diamond engagement ring is not at all an easy task.

However, if you really want to buy a diamond ring with such a limited budget, here are some tips to help you in your search. Of course, they cannot guarantee success, but at least they can save you from the possible headaches that you can get from searching for these rings. Read the rest of this entry »

Bridal Tiaras Headbands and other Fine Wedding Hair Accessories

Look at The Stunning Bridal Tiaras and Wedding Headbands at Amazon

Bridal Tiara,Princess Tiara With Crystal Loops 24426

Bridal Wedding Tiara Crown With Round Crystals 71574

Bridal Tiara With Crystal Arches 55116

Bridal Wedding Tiara Headband With Pearls and Crystals 55915

Bridal Wedding Tiara Crown With Flowers 46496

There are many different details that come along with planning a wedding. You have to keep in mind all of the different aspects that come along with putting together a great wedding and wedding party. There is the cake, reception decorations, rehearsals and seating arrangements. Not to mention finding the perfect wedding dress and bridal tiaras! Read the rest of this entry »

Types Of Red Wedding Dresses for Sale

See the Red Gowns at Amazon


Beaded Satin Goddess One-Shoulder Gown, L, Red


Strapless Taffeta Long Gown With Side Gathered Skirt, Embroidered Flowers, Crystal Accents, 2X, Red


Formal Evening Gown. Red Beaded Tank Dress for Prom, Party, Wedding by Formal Gallery (2040 XL)



Looking for wedding dresses? Why not consider red wedding dresses? They are gaining immense popularity these days. These dresses come in a variety of styles and prices. If you wish to include white, you can find some lovely dresses with the red and white combination. Let us look at some of the stunning red dresses available in the market Read the rest of this entry »

How To Save A Marriage After An Affair

Find More Help for a Broken Marriage With These Resources at Amazon

How to Save Your Marriage Alone

When Love Dies: How to Save a Hopeless Marriage

We Can Work It Out: How to Solve Conflicts, Save Your Marriage (Perigee)

Can your marriage be saved? Or maybe a more relevant question is “Should your marriage even be considered for saving?”

The answer could very well be yes, so if the reason you are here is to find help to save your marriage, then you may have come to the right place.

First you need to try to understand that not all affairs are premeditated and not all spouses that jump on the haystack with another, mean to intentionally cause harm. Sometimes it is just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or having one drink too many and then finding out that you did the deed with the young floozy at last nights party. Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding Cupcake Stands and Other Chic Wedding Decorations

Find Cupcake Stands for Weddings at Amazon

Wilton Tall Tier Cupcake Tower/Stand Set


Wedding Eco Cupcake Stand – Square

Wilton 307-831 13 Count Cupcake Stand

Wilton 307-250 Cupcakes `n More 24-Count 4-Tier Mini Dessert Stand

Tag Party 3-Tier Cupcake Design, Silver with Swirl Design, 20″ Tall

The secret of making cupcakes captivating during weddings is to serve them on the right cupcake stand. You just could not put those on plain plates and hope that your guests will fully appreciate them. It will not make a fairy tale like frosting truly showcase the artistry of the maker. You need to deliver the cupcakes in style that only a cupcake stand could do. Getting the right one will not be hard as these stands are available in varieties of designs.

Cupcake stands are made mainly from plastic, crystal and metal. They are normally shaped like a Christmas tree with multiple round flat tiers built on top of each other. Though single tier stands are also available. Other designs include the cascade type where the cupcakes can be arranged in different manners and the wire stand which has individual holders for each piece. The maximum number of cupcakes that these stands can carry is 50. The cupcake stand together with the cupcake can be made as a wedding centerpiece and if they are properly decorated, they can be dramatic, eye catching, and mouth watering. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding A Good Annulment Lawyer

Ending a marriage doesn’t always have to mean divorce, and if a couple qualifies for an annulment, it’s definitely a better choice. There are many more levels in a divorce case that an annulment lawyer doesn’t have to go through. If you want to know if you are eligible for an annulment as opposed to a divorce, make an appointment to meet with an attorney that handles annulments.

They know all the laws and regulations pertaining to annulment and can clear up any questions you may have. If it turns out that you fall into the few categories that call for annulment, make sure you get a price quote before leaving. That way if you shop around with other annulment lawyers you will know upfront which the better deal is. Read the rest of this entry »

Mens Wedding Rings – Do You Want Moissanite?

One of the best and perhaps one of the most popular options in mens wedding rings is the inclusion of the moissanite gemstone.

Discovered in Arizona, this gemstone does not occur naturally on earth but is found only in the remains of meteors. Originally too small to be considered as a gemstone, this all changed in 1976 when moissanite was manufactured for the first time as a synthetic gemstone. It took another twenty years before they synthetic crystals were of gemstone quality. Read the rest of this entry »

Useful Tips For Do It Yourself Centerpieces For Weddings

It is not necessary for weddings to be expensive in order to be beautiful. There are plenty of techniques that can reduce the budget of your wedding and at the same time make sure that the outcome is extremely artistic and practical. One of the primary things that needs to be focused are the do it yourself centerpieces for weddings.

In addition to cutting down the reception cost of your wedding, there are several advantages of these centerpieces. You can create your own personalized centerpieces that match perfectly with the design of your wedding. These types of centerpieces are not only more thoughtful, distinctive and memorable but they also fit perfectly with the venue as well as the theme. Read the rest of this entry »

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