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Scavenge For Candies With Jawa Costumes This Halloween

Many people are familiar and avid fans of the Star Wars chronicles. Its story revolves around the prophecy and balance of the Force. Although each movie have different set of characters and plot, the turning of the events are always the same – the son will battle his father who is lost and consumed by the dark Force.

And despite of that, many still love the whole story of the movies. As aforementioned, many are avid fans; in fact the characters of the movie have been a great model to otaku players. Otaku or costume play is an event wherein comic readers and animation lovers dress up as their favorite character and the one who is the closest resemblance to the animated character is the winner. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Beautiful Upside Down Christmas Tree

Going to the Christmas-tree-shop to find the right Christmas tree can be fun and also very challenging. Most of the trees you will see are your typical and traditional green Christmas trees. The artificial trees are all adorned with their beautiful ornaments, and sometimes they have a theme. Then you see a display for the upside down Christmas tree that is so unusual and unique, you know you have found your tree.

The upside down Christmas tree has many of advantages. The tree is hung from the ceiling with an eye bolt and wired to the trunk. The top of the tree is now toward the floor and this gives you more room to place your beautiful Christmas presents. The children and pets will be safer since they cannot pull the tree down off the typical stand because it is attached to the ceiling. The pre-lit tree is ideal for this installation. When you invert your tree, your ornaments hang from the branches like floating decorations. Read the rest of this entry »

Installing Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

It is normal to see a lot of decorations in and outside houses around the Christmas holidays. People look forward to this season because of the involved fun. There are gifts to be given and received not forgetting the fun associated with decorating the house and the area around the house. Most people are afraid of putting up lights early enough because of the installation cost and the expenses of the electricity bill. Outdoor solar Christmas lights have been made just to make everything easy; from the installation to saving money tat should otherwise be used to pay electricity bills. Read the rest of this entry »

Be Hot As Ice This Halloween With Sexy Eskimo Costume

The temperature is starting to drop, people are still busy amidst the blowing winter chills. Despite the coldness, people are fired up for the upcoming trick or treating season. Department stores and online shops have started to put up their best Halloween costumes with their enticing low prices and discount offers. Folks are pre-occupied with what to wear and what to buy for their children. With lots of outfits in display, running around the stores in search for the perfect get up is very time consuming and tiring. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Musical Snow Globes For Display and Enjoyment

With the beginning of the Christmas season not far off, it is time to begin considering where and how to decorate. Although the fall decorations are still up, and looking good as well, soon it will be time to pack them away and get out part of the Christmas decoration collection. I sat collection, because if you are anything like me, there is too much to hope to display it all, even using the whole house as a canvas. Read the rest of this entry »

Luxury Family Holidays at Paradise Island Resort Maldives

The Maldives is a favorite destination of people looking for a tropical getaway. Aside from the sunny weather and wonderful beaches, one thing that draws people into booking Maldives holidays is the quality of accommodation available in any of the island resorts that are found in the atolls. These resorts offer world-class accommodations, just the right kind of pampering that people who are on luxury family holidays would expect. Here are some of the types of accommodations found at some Maldivian resorts. Read the rest of this entry »

Elvis Costumes for All Ages for Halloween

Get the Party All Shook Up with an Elvis Costume!

They’ll be all shook up when Elvis enters the building! The King of Rock ‘N Roll is a classic costume that always brings life to any party. Plus, Elvis costumes are available for the smallest of sizes so your little one can become a pint-size version of the King! Fido can even become a furry version of the King with his very own Elvis get-up! The costume is perfect for Halloween or any other occasion. Read the rest of this entry »

Characteristics of the Perfect Masquerade Mask

See What Deals Amazon Has on Masquerade Masks

Black Venetian Masquerade Mask ~ Mardi Gras Masks

Masquerade Ball Feather Mask in Black by H-M Shop


Black Silver Angelina Eye Mask Mardi Gras Womens Accessories Costume

Black & Gold Small Venetian Feather Mask Mardi Gras Masquerade by H-M Shop

Metallic Half-Masks (2 dz)


Black Magic Feather Mask

Venetian Nights Masquerade Mask


Whether you are getting ready for a trip to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebrations, getting yourself prepared for a fantastic Halloween, or attending a private masquerade party, you’ll want to wear a mask that will allow you to make the most dramatic presentation while allowing you to also have the most enjoyable time. Here are a few tips to help you choose and wear the perfect mask for your event.

First of all, be unique! Your mask should represent your personality and style, even while you are hiding behind it. Choose colors or styles that suit you. Are you a feathers person or a leather person? Is your style abstract, representational, or just festively gaudy?

Second, make sure your costuming is unique. Don’t purchase generic masks from a party store. This will be instantly read as not even caring and just grabbing whatever is to hand. Make your own mask by painting a base mask and gluing sequins, feathers, beads or paint to it. Hot glue is often good for instant positioning of your decorations. Or find an artist that specializes in masquerade ball masks, and splurge on working with her to express yourself.

Most importantly, choose a masquerade mask that will be comfortable for the whole evening. You would not want to have to take your mask off early, be miserably itchy for hours, or be seen during the end of night reveal with bruising on your nose! Make sure the strap is not too tight around your head, that the mask has no sharp edges, and that nothing tickles your face annoyingly. Also make sure you can see easily through the eyes of the mask. Tripping over things, or not being able to enjoy the other costumes at the event, is no fun at all.

Have fun, be fabulous, and enjoy choosing the mask that is right for you!

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