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LPN Education | The First Step To A Nursing Career?

How Nurses Can Brighten a Patient’s Day

Nurses have a significant effect on patients. They spend more time with patients than doctors and other specialists do, which means that they are more in tune with patients’ needs and concerns. Since many patients in hospitals and clinics are sad, angry, upset, or otherwise negatively affected by their condition, nurses must go the extra mile in order to make a patient’s experience more comfortable and less painful.

1. Being there – One of the worst parts of the hospital experience is the constant testing, recording, and evaluating that patients must go through. A nurse is a patient’s main human link during their stay. Nurses can make a huge difference with simple gestures such as learning a patient’s name, sitting at their level during conversation, truly listening to their concerns, and acknowledging their presence when discussing them with other healthcare professionals.

2. Empowerment – It can be humiliating and frustrating for patients to feel helpless in a hospital bed instead of out doing their jobs or taking care of their families. Even though patients aren’t in control of their illness, nurses can empower them by letting them make decisions each day, from meal choices to treatment plans.

3. Calming fears – Nurses often act as counselors to patients who are worried about an upcoming surgery or the lasting effects of their illness. They can validate this concern by patiently listening, then calm those fears by offering words of encouragement to help them get through the struggles ahead.

4. Respect – A few polite gestures can go a long way towards earning a patient’s respect, from asking a patient what he/she would like to be called to explaining difficult concepts slowly and with patience. This respect helps a patient trust the nurse and eases their fears and anxiety about the experience.

Nurses go to great lengths to make sure patients are comfortable, at ease, and happy during their stay in a health care facility. Has a nurse made a difference in your life?

This article was written by Erin McKinney, who is a licensed nurse practitioner. Erin also owns the site Masters of Nursing for students interested in getting an advanced degree in the nursing field.

Old Article below:

The demand for health care workers has risen considerably over the past few decades because of the general increase in population that has taken place all over the world. Due to a lack of human resources, more and more health care facilities are hiring nurses and LPNs. The time and costs that are associated with nursing degrees has led many to consider becoming nursing assistants or LPN’s instead.

The normal course duration of a standard nursing education is around 4 years. Though several schools have a two year program as well, this course is usually very tough both academically and financially. Many people who wanted to become nurses are now considering becoming LPN’s instead due to its high demand in the medical sector as well as the pay that LPNs get.

One of the prime reasons why people tend to go for LPN courses is because it takes less time to complete a LPN course (1 to 2 year) than a traditional nursing course (4 year). LPN courses are offered by many colleges and school throughout the world. LPN’s are also known as LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) in some states and a LPN course is generally hailed as the first step that a person can take towards a nursing career.

It’s important to understand that RNs and LPNs have different responsibilities when it comes to hospitals. RNs are responsible for a wider range of responsibilities than LPNs. An LPN basically learns to deal with the basics of nursing, such as giving patients oral medications, monitoring his vital signs and ensuring his general comfort and well being. As mentioned above LPN education is more focused on getting people acquainted with a basic, entry level nursing education.

Nowadays LPN degrees are even offered online, these online degrees are ideal for those individuals who want to study and work at the same time. Several sites on the internet offer online LPN courses, not only are these online courses more convenient but they are more cost effective too. And the great thing about them is that they provide students with the same quality education that they would get in a traditional classroom setting.

In order to become a registered LPN you are required to pass an exam. These exams usually take place after the 12 to 9 month course. The filing of applications for the NCLEX-PN exam has to be made to the state board of nursing, just like nurses.

After successful clearing of your exam you can start to practice your expertise. The employment opportunities for LPNs are great at the moment and many LPN’s are hired by nursing homes and hospitals. The average salary of a LPN varies in between the $30,000 to $36,000 mark; it varies according to the place you are employed at.

Having a LPN education also gives you ample time to consider whether a medical career is the right one for you. The LPN program helps you fine tune the skills that you would need in order to become a competent RN. The LPN education program is a great way to get a glimpse as just what life would be like as a registered nurse.

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No Time to Go to School? Online Phlebotomy Training Is for You

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Sometimes, people have to set aside getting an education because finding work is considered the priority at that time. When the time comes that they want to go back to school, they face the dilemma of not having the time either because they have a regular job or have kids to look after. But if you are really determined to get an education and get a good-paying and fulfilling job after, why not consider an online education? There are so many online courses available today, and one of the most popular is phlebotomy. Read the rest of this entry »

Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Do you know other parents that both work? They may need care during the day for their children. If you can watch an extra child during the day, you can bring in some money. The more children you watch, the more you can make, but don’t commit to too many children because it will become difficult, especially if you have your own kids to watch. This can also give your kids someone to play with. Read the rest of this entry »

Advice In Making A Cleaning Business Plan

There are many people who want to start a business of their own. They want to be able to work for something that makes them happy. However, money is quite tight for them and they think that they do not have the proper resources to start a business. With a cleaning business plan, they will be able to get a shot at improving the status of their lives.

Having your own business makes it easier for you because you do not have to run to the office every time your boss asked you to. You can manage your own time and you do not have to spend another day doing things that you do not want to do. If you want to be successful in life, you have to start doing things that makes you happy. You need to be contented with what you do and not look for anything. If you have your own business, you will be able to look after your best interest and not for other people’s business. Read the rest of this entry »

Various Tasks Of Human Resources

Human resource departments around the country perform important tasks. These departments are some of the most critical departments in a company. They work to provide qualified employees, as well as, thorough training. Human resource offerings today are much different than departments of the past.

They were often limited in their offerings and considered to be less important to companies. Today, human resources play critical roles in businesses. The overall productivity of a company will relate directly to their human resource departments. Typically these departments are found at medium and large companies. Excelsior in Northern Virginia is an example of a human resource specialized company. Read the rest of this entry »

Financial Analyst Worker Obligations and Functions

Although there are no specific degrees that must be attained to get into this profession, those that want to be eligible for financial analyst jobs have plenty of choices to choose from in terms of education. An individual must go through at least four years of schooling to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of four subject areas that include economics, accounting, mathematics and business.

However, anyone that wants to have the best chance at succeeding and getting employed to a very high quality employer should invest into a bachelor’s degree in business administration as employers would prefer to see this degree over all others in applications. Many people want to gain some experience before becoming employed and one of the easiest, most effective ways to go about accomplishing this is to offer financial services for family and friends to help create a client base in the beginning before looking into financial analyst jobs.

An individual will need to have extremely strong math, analytical and problem-solving skills to be successful or to excel in this profession as financial analysts deal with numbers and situations that are directly related to this skill each and every day. Coming up with budgets, analyze and oversee cash flow as well as performing cost to benefit analyses are just some of the duties and responsibilities that professionals earning a financial analyst salary can be found doing.

These individuals are also accountable for helping businesses with investment decisions by providing guidance and analysis that clients can fully comprehend and understand thus being able to make a decision based on the evidence. Being able to scout out potential investment opportunities for firms or companies that are looking to invest is not easy at all, professionals must be very knowledgeable in this subject area and in the industry to make the best possible decision and gain a loyal client base. Overall, anyone that is looking to get into this industry and earn an annual income must be absolutely dedicated, determined and invested into succeeding to ensure a financial analyst career that is lucrative, beneficial and gratifying.

Website Designers As Artists

Website Designers, simply put, construct websites.  However, another way of looking at it is that they create pieces of art.  Websites can be basic in layout and in content but they can also be complex in appearance, usability, and visibility.  Website appearance is largely determined by the color and the layout of the site and the designer decides how all of those things fit together to make a successful website.

Website designers need to take many puzzle pieces and place them together to build a cohesive site that works for the visitor.  They need to make sure the site has navigational features so that it is easy for a viewer to find what they are looking for.  Security of information is also important to a user of a website and is crucial to the success of any business-oriented site.  Personal information must be protected.  The designer has to consider appearance because if the site does not appeal to the eye, many visitors will turn away without even fully investigating the site. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Extra Money

Making money is a dream that many people have. They can find themselves on the constant lookout for the next best idea to score them the big one. There are many reasons for this search for El Dorado. One of the main ones is the desire to better ones standing in society by having a great home and a luxurious car to go with it.

For others, it’s about improving their quality of life by freeing up their time and getting away from the grind of a 9-5 job. Unfortunately a key ingredient in this plan is money. Some people are fortunate enough to be born into money. Others, through their own effort are able to make enough money to live out their dreams. The third category is the individuals who work hard to make ends meet and are motivated to find the best opportunities to make money.

New technology has offered us unprecedented opportunities to work for ourselves. Online opportunities are numerous and varied. A lot of these promote working for yourself from home. This gives you the benefit of not only working for yourself but at your own speed. You do not have to drive to work or to take the train or bus. Read the rest of this entry »

The CNA Program – Providing Certified Nursing Assistants to the World

The world is in dire need of people who would take care of the old or the senior citizens. Nurses and doctors could only do so much since they already have their hands full. This type of career should be done by someone else. This is the primary reason why there are CNA’s. They are the ones that would provide health care and assistance to people who need it. They would become the helping hand for these doctors and nurses. They would provide the extensive care that senior citizens need.

If this is the career that you wanted then you better know some stuff which i would discuss with you here today. If you want to become a CNA then that would be a great decision indeed because you are not only helping yourself, you are also helping other people and giving yourself a profitable career and a stable income. To become a CNA, you must undergo a training process. Read the rest of this entry »

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