Cardboard Jewelry Boxes are Fun, Creative, and Green!

There are many different types of jewelry boxes made from various materials. Popular materials for these boxes are metal, wood, and plastic. However, all these materials have one thing in common: they are not the best for the planet. In an age when people are looking to be more conscious of their consumption and the impact of our consumerism on the environment, it makes sense to find an earth-friendly jewelry box. What material can be used? It may come as a surprise, but cardboard is a green choice that will protect and organize precious pieces of jewelry.

What makes cardboard a green material? If the cardboard is recycled it means no trees were cut down to make it. It also means we are reducing the amount of trash otherwise going to landfills. The other benefit is that it is biodegradable. This means it will eventually decompose back into the earth, as compared to plastic, which will never decompose, but only break down into smaller parts over a course of hundreds of years. Cardboard is strong enough to keep jewelry protected, and versatile enough to keep it organized.

There are many places to find cardboard jewelry boxes. Most craft stores carry a variety of ready-made boxes. These will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like a plastic or wooden one would. After it is purchased, the fun begins! The great thing about these boxes is that they can be creatively decorated however their owner wants.

Paint can be applied so the box can match whatever room it is going to reside in. Photos can be cut and glued to the box as well. This could potentially be a fun craft project for adults and children alike. An even more creative approach is to construct one’s own box. Old cardboard boxes can carefully be cut and then glued together. This will allow the creator to make the box specifically for his or her own needs.

There are many reasons to make your next jewelry box a cardboard one. It is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly. The box will be strong enough to last and keep jewelry safe. Whether it’s antique costume jewelry or a special amethyst ring you want it to be properly secured. An additional bonus is the added creativity and uniqueness that comes from creating your own box.

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