Buying an Outdoor Dog Bed

Modern lifestyles mean that in most families all family members of working age go out to earn a living.  This is great for disposable incomes and quality of life for those people but the one family member who is probably not quite so keen on the situation is the pet dog.  If your dog remains shut in the house all day while you are out at work then you may find that he develops bad habits out of sheer boredom.  Things like barking at everyone who walks past or fighting with soft furnishings.

One recognized solution to this is to build a run in the garden where your dog can take pleasure in the fresh air and have a space large enough to run in while you are out.  Of course it is not just enough to buy a pen, you will need to furnish it with some accessories to make it welcoming and interesting.  A dog kennel will give your pet somewhere to shelter from the rain or sun and a heavyweight bowl is needed for water – or you can upgrade your pet and go all out and get a pet water fountain.  On top of this you will need to buy an assortment of toys including rawhide chew bones that you can rotate over the week to help prevent boredom.

The most important accessory of all though is a specially designed outdoor dog bed.  It is not good enough to simply pop his night time bed into the pen as the first shower will render the stuffing soggy and lumpy and make the bed instantly unusable.  Not only that but after a while it will begin to rot and smell.  Even if you put the bed under a dog crate cover it is likely that your dog himself will get rained on and muddy and will then climb into bed.

A waterproof dog bed has a waterproof, nylon cover that can be removed so that you can brush dirt off it or squirt a hose onto it to remove more stubborn dirt.  It will protect the stuffing and dry off very quickly should it get wet.

So, if you want a bed that will last a long time even with outdoor use then search for beds specifically made for the purpose. Dogs do become very much a part of the family, and you will find a growing list of new products to keep your “family member” happy and healthy.

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