Bissell Proheat 2X – Best For Pet Stains

The last time my pet cocker spaniel had urinated on my carpet I made the decision that I would now use my Bissell ProHeat on every inch of my home. I caught him in the guest room lifting his leg on the post of the bed which got me to start thinking that there were probably a lot of other areas within my home that he had been urinating on.

Naturally, I began to wonder how many spots she had decided to mark his territory with. I broke out my Bissell ProHeat vacuum cleaner and began rigorously cleaning all over my home. I was working up a pretty good sweat when I found an area underneath my bed that was saturated in pet urine. He must have been climbing under my bed every night and urinating over and over. When I came to think about it, my room was beginning to smell like a dog kennel but I had no idea where that disgusting odor was coming from.

My Bissell ProHeat immediately began attacking this stain and we’ve been 20 minutes my carpet was as good as new. I made a concerted effort to not let my dog out of sight any time I was home so he would not go into a room and start tinkling on the carpet. My Bissell ProHeat made short work of any stains he did decide to make.

The specific Bissell ProHeat 2X model that I had purchased was actually designed to combat pet stains. It also came with a chemical solution which was designed to eliminate stains and pet owners as well. I began to notice a fresher smelling home as well as significantly cleaner carpets each time I used my Bissell ProHeat 2X. My cocker spaniel is still my best friend and I no longer worry that he is making a mess of my own.

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