Be Confident Your Child Is Safe: What to Look for in Infant UV Swimwear

You Can See Some Examples of Infant and Childrens UV Swimwear at Amazon


MaxOut UPF 50+, UV Sun Protective Boy’s Long Sleeve Rashguard


Baby Banz One Piece Sun Protection Swimsuit, Pink/White, Size 2


Baby Banz One Piece Sun Protection Swimsuit, Blue, Size 1


Baby Banz Swim Diaper, Blue/Print, Large


UPF 50+ Baby Sun Protective Bonnet


Baby Banz One Piece Sun Protection Swimsuit, Pink/White, 3 Months


Sanibel, UV Sun Protective One Piece Swimsuit for Infant/Toddler Girls (UPF 50+)


Boys High Tide UV Sun Protective Long-Sleeved Sunsuit (UPF 50+)


MaxOut UPF 50+, UV Sun Protective Girl’s Clam Diggers for Infants/Toddlers

Infant UV swimwear can help you keep your little one safer from the sun when extended sun exposure may occur, while still allowing for many hours of outdoor daytime fun. The rate of skin cancer is on the rise, and doctors have been seeing an increasing number of malignant melanoma in children. Scientists have been debating the reasons, but they do not debate that it is important not to let your skin be exposed to too much sun. This is extra important for the tender skin of young ones.

Sun block is important, but it is not perfect, especially when it is not used correctly. The lotion usually has to be put on at least thirty minutes before swimming, and it only lasts a few hours. Then parents would need to reapply and keep their kids out of the water for at least another thirty minutes before letting them back in the water. Failure to follow the rules makes the sun block ineffective.

Confidence Your Child Is Safe

Infant UV swimwear starts working the instant it covers the skin and there is no need to worry about reapplying. These child swimwear suits typically contain no added chemicals, so it is very unlikely that a child will have an allergic reaction, which sometimes happens with lotions. There is no greasy feel, and the pool does not have to contain as much oily residue from the creams.

However, the suits do not cover every inch of the body, so sun blocks are still needed; they are not needed as much, nor do they need to be applied to the more tender areas.

What To Look For

1. When looking for these suits, parents can first look at how much they cover. Some do not cover any more skin than a regular swimsuit, but some cover most of the body except for the head, hands and feet. If your child has sensitive skin that gets burned easily, and reacts to sun block lotions then you would need one that covers as much as possible.

If you only want to avoid having to apply creams under the suit, then you just need one that covers the essentials. Some cover more than just the minimum, without encasing most of the body. These would be a good compromise between too little and too much.

2. Parents may also consider the convenience and style of the infant UV swimwear. Boys and girls can get two-piece designs that look similar to average clothes. They may even be fashionable enough to wear going to the park, or some other place not necessarily associated with swimming. Those would be good to keep kids safe from the rays during any outdoor activity.

Some are one piece with zippers and almost resemble a snorkeling suit. The main colors are pink or blue, but some are decorative. It is easy to find something adorable and protective. Some of the most popular manufacturers include, Baby Banz, Tuga, Solaroo, and NoZone.

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