Antique Sideboards and Buffet is at Home Everywhere

Antique sideboards have been used in many homes for years and their style is looked at as a beautiful addition to whatever setting it is used in. Designed with inlays and beautiful carvings, they are often regarded as more of an antique to be looked upon, rather than actually used.

They have been in service since the early 1700s and they replaced the clumsy notion of placing several tables together to accommodate your serving settings. They are also used as storage for other necessary items used at the dining table. Other models of the sideboard, such as antique sideboards and buffet, incorporate all of these features as well as an area for display

Throughout the years the antique cabinet furniture changed in size and style. The most common style was that of a solid looking, well styled piece of furniture, with six gracefully tapered legs in a bold front. This image, however, depicts only a single version of the buffet. We can see how furniture design has changed through different periods of time by looking at the serving pieces.

During the early 1800s most designs were simple and were designed only for function. As time went on you could find features such as a slide out board that provided additional serving space and even a desk that could be pulled out from the center. This style reflected a need for the sideboard to have other functions other than his original intention.

Regardless of which style you may happen to like, the fact remains that the sideboard can be an attractive and very useful addition to your home. The use of it can clear up space normally used by several pieces to accommodate your setting. When having guests over or hosting a dining party, the ability to have your food nearby is both convenient and creates a buffet style environment. Other features of the sideboard include various shelving and plenty of drawers and cabinets space to keep your dinnerware, fine linen and other dining items. Some even came with drawers lined with velvet to accommodate your silverware.

Outside of the dining room your sideboard could serve as an excellent accent antique furniture piece when entering a foyer. Beautifully designed, it will catch the attention of anyone entering and looks fabulous accented with a silver tray on top of it. Many times the tray is used as an area for your guests keys or gloves. You may also choose to accent your server by hanging a large mirror on the wall behind it along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers atop it. The mirror will give your room the appearance of being larger and roomier. Believe it or not you can actually place your antique sideboard in your bedroom or bathroom. It adds a light, feminine touch and is a great storage area for towels and other toiletries.

The best place to purchase an antique sideboard is probably by searching on the internet, browsing through flea markets or at antique stores. When shopping for a sideboard it’s a good idea to have a budget in mind, as these antiques can get quite expensive depending on their style and what condition they are in. If you are fortunate enough to have the skill of refurbishing antique wood pieces then you have the option of finding one at a lower price and restoring it yourself. If you cannot do this yourself, then keep in mind that you may have to pay someone else to restore it, which will add to your total cost.

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