An Active Day In Koh Chang Thailand

The increasing popularity of the island of Koh Chang in Thailand among tourist both foreigners and local visitors alike has been validated by recent statistics showing that there are 655,000 visitors annually in the island. Several natural scenic spots, untouched virgin forests, diving sites and several Hotels Koh Chang , resorts and white sand beaches are among the attractions of the island to attract the tourists to make the most of their stay in the island and their testimonies are well taken by those who have heard about the beautiful places to visit and enjoy while in the Koh Chang.

People who have visited the resorts that dotted the seven well known beautiful white sand beach Koh Chang are one in their declarations that the island thailandis one of the most beautiful places they have ever visited in Thailand. During the day, they could run a mile in the white sand beaches and dive and do some snorkeling in the designated areas of the island, they could also enjoy mountain biking, elephant trekking, canoeing and experience spa services if they are not in active mood to do those mild sweating activities. During the night they could spend it in bars and restaurants serving good foods or just stay in their hotels/resorts’ rooms and enjoy the facilities of the establishment that also serve and cater to their nightlife activities.

Koh Chang is host to several resorts and hotels which are widely spread among the more popular beaches in the island which are listed as follows; in the Bang Bao Bay area there are 4 resorts, on the Bailan Beach there are also 4 resorts, Hat Tha Nam beach there are 11 resorts, Kai Bae Beach has 5 resorts, at Klong Prao Beach and Klogn Son Bay 1 resort each and at Hat Sai Khao there are 9 resorts. All of these resorts are offering rooms and foods to the visitors at different prices depending on the service being  offered.

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