A Useful Guide on How to Create Personalized Sewing Labels

Personalized sewing labels are commonly used to add a special touch to hand-crafted or custom made products, like blankets, stuffed animals and pillows. These labels are sewn on the product, and can include any information that you want to put on them. They can be used to identify your hand-crafted projects, or to add a personal touch to a customized gift by sewing the name of the recipient.

Regardless of how you intend to use the sewing labels, deciding to produce one your own is definitely a smart decision. Creating sewing labels is a fairly simple and straight forward task. All you need is a little know-how and the use of the right tools to successfully accomplish the task at hand.

On that note, here is a simple guide on how to produce unique, eye-catching, and creative customized name tags.

Step 1: Design conceptualization and material gathering

Before anything else, it is critical that you have already visualized the style and design of the sewing label that you intend to make. Doing so will ensure that everything will go according to plan. At this point, you need to select the kind of fabric that you will use as well as the embellishments that you want to integrate.

If you have a limited budget, the synthetic satin ribbon that is sold on a cardboard spool is a practical option for you. This type of fabric is very affordable, widely accessible, and can be cut to any lengths.

Once you have chosen the fabric, you need to decide whether you want to sew or embroider the label. Your decision will affect the tools and equipments that you need to gather. If you choose to embroider the label, you will need to prepare an embroidery hook, floss, needle and small hoop.

Step 2: Actual project implementation

After gathering the materials and conceptualizing the design for your custom sewing labels, the next thing to do is to implement the plan. Like any other DIY projects, you have to carefully follow the process to ensure a good outcome. It would be a great idea to find detailed steps on how to sew or embroider the label online.

Sewing or embroidering the label on the fabric is not that complicated, you just have to know the proper technique on how to do it. If it is your first-time to come up with personalized sewing labels, it would be a good idea to practice sewing or embroidering the label unto a fabric scrap to ensure that you’ll be able to do it correctly on the actual project.

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