A Ring for Everybody: Silver Rings, Ruby Rings, Heart Rings, Pearl Rings and Amethyst Rings

This article is all about rings. Five kinds of rings in particular. Read on and you may find the perfect ring for yourself as a gift. Learn about silver rings, ruby rings, heart rings, pear rings and amethyst rings.

Silver Ring

Hi ho Silver!  What comes to mind when you hear “silver ring.”  Silver has a long and lustrous history as does its counterpart gold.  Silver rings are the epitome of elegance and charm; any young lady would love to have a silver ring with a big fat rock mounted on it.

In these tough times though it’s difficult to get that big fat rock for that special lady.  So what’s a guy to do?  Here’s a suggestion:  buy a beautiful silver ring and mount a gem that is not quite as expensive as the almighty diamond.  A beautiful sterling silver ring can look like a million even if it didn’t cost one.

Let’s take my suggestions a little further.  The silver ring itself should be durable.  Remember, it is going to last a lifetime.  So if you have a limited budget, then thing about buying a more expensive silver ring, then have your jeweler mount a cubic zirconia.  Cubic zirconia are affordable and looking amazingly diamond-like.  A beautiful silver ring will bring out the best in the CZ and no one will ever question the fact that the CZ is not a real diamond.  Why?  Because any stone looks amazing with a silver ring.  Period.

When purchasing a silver ring there are a few things to consider.  Price is often the the first consideration.  The next consideration is durability.  But let me do the old switcheroo.  Let’s make price the second consideration and durability the first.  Silver rings can be easily damaged because it is soft.  This is where you need to kick it up a notch and get a better grade of silver.  There’s nothing worse than a silver ring that turns your finger green.  Other metals can be added to the silver to strengthen it.  Your silver ring will then pass the durability test with flying colors and that special young lady will receive a ring to pass down to her children and her children’s children.  The silver ring is no longer just a ring, it becomes a family heirloom, a family treasure.

Once a young lady is the owner of the silver ring, this family treasure, it is important to take good care of it.  Silver rings can tarnish, so check with your jeweler when it comes to cleaning your silver ring.  He or she is an expert when it comes to silver rings and the cleaning of them.  Jewelers will have just what is needed to keep the silver ring glistening.  Special fluids and/or a soft silver cloth can keep the silver ring in tip top condition.  With a little time and care, the silver ring will return to its newborn splendor immediately.

In ancient times many cultures treasured silver and the silver ring.  Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Israelis, Phoenicians were some of the peoples who not only realized the treasure of silver, but actually hoarded it.  We’ve come a long way since then.  However, one thing has not changed:  we also know the value of silver and the silver ring.  It’s beauty is beyond words and it’s meaning will last a lifetime.

Ruby Ring

Ruby rings.  What’s all the fuss?  Dorothy certainly made a fuss over her ruby slippers.  Ruby rings are worth making a fuss over as well.  While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, the discriminating woman loves her ruby ring.  Ruby rings have risen in popularity over the years as an alternative to the diamond.  We’ll explore some of those contributing factors that have suddenly plunged the ruby ring into its height of popularity.

The ruby ring boasts a look of luxurious beauty.  The ruby ring’s  red color,  intense and eye-catching,  look more expensive than they actually are.  They look just as expensive as the diamond ring, but the red color makes the ruby ring a stand out at any occasion.

There is nothing more beautiful than a passionate ruby ring combined with platinum metal or white gold. As its wearer moves her hand about, the ruby ring sparkles as intensely as any stone .  The ruby ring says something about the woman who wears it—it says she is passionate, loving and a lover of beautiful things.  It also says she is aware of the expense of a diamond and prefers to spend less and get a greater return.  The ruby ring fills the bill.

The woman that wears the ruby ring prefers it to a diamond because of its uniqueness.  The diamond is by far the most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings, but the ruby ring is making a run on this title.  While some ruby rings are just as expensive as diamonds, a high quality ruby ring is usually more affordable than a really expensive diamond.

When it comes to durability, diamonds are first, but the ruby places second.  And when compared to other gemstones, the ruby ring outpaces the others when it comes to durability.  The tough ruby ring with regular cleaning can last a very long time.

So what’s so great about the ruby ring?  The ruby ring is an affordable alternative to diamonds.  Its durability and toughness will give the wearer years of enjoyments.  And of course, there is nothing more beautiful than a ruby ring.  Its rich red color represent love and passion and make a grand statement for any woman who adorns her hand with it.  No wonder ruby rings are popping up more and more.

Yes, Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” knew the value of the ruby.  And so did the wicked witch who was unsuccessful at removing the ruby slippers.  Luckily for the women today, the ruby ring is much easier to come by.

If you are a woman who has a unique sense of style and loves making a statement wherever she goes, then the ruby ring is perfect for you.  As the secret of the beauty and affordability of the ruby ring leaks out, more and more women will make their way to the local jeweler to purchase one.  Be one of those unique women who beat the rest to the jewelry store and purchase her very own ruby ring.  The woman wearing her ruby ring will stand out in the crowd.

Pearl Ring

The oyster is the birthplace of the pearl.  So a pearl ring has its beginnings inside a creature from the sea.  What a romantic thought!  Pearls from the sea.  And nothing is more romantic than a pearl ring.  Did Prince Charles give his Lady Diana a pearl engagement ring?  If so, don’t hold that against the pearl ring.  The pearl ring has more than just beauty going for it.  Read on.

There are freshwater pearls, pearls from the South Sea, Tahitian pearls, and the black pearl.  Where the black pearl comes from, I am unsure.  Pearls are soft, delicate gemstones which represent purity and elegance.  Pearls adorn many women with the pearl ring being quite unique in and of itself.

Being such a love and delicate gemstone, pearls can play center stage to other  gems.  Even the king of gems, the diamond plays second fiddle to a pearl on a lovely pearl ring.  The pearl is mounted in the center of the ring, then surrounding the pearl, is its court, the diamonds.  Many words are used to describe pearl rings, but the pearl ring’s beauty is beyond compare.

Pearl rings are popular among all age groups.  The reason being   pearls are soft and lightweight.  Nothing is more eye-catching than a beautiful pearl ring on a well-manicured hand.  Pearls are for any occasion.  A formal gather or a casual get-together make the wearer of  a pearl ring unique.

If you just love the look of a pearl ring and you don’t care if it is authentic or not, you’ll have an easy time finding just about any pearl ring you want.  However, if your taste is more discriminating and you want the real pearl ring, then it’s important to be informed.  Do your homework before making your purchase.  The more you know, the more likely you’ll find the pearl ring of your dreams.  Check with a jeweler or a pearl expert who really knows his stuff.  This person will know the difference in superior quality and inferior quality.  An authentic pearl ring is an important purchase.  So it’s important to take your time and shop around.

Pearls are symbolic in their very nature.  It has been said that pearls are the tears of gods, angels, and mermaids.  Pearls signify the delicate nature of God’s handiwork.  Pearls bring safety, wisdom, and love to anyone that wears them.  It is no wonder, that pearls and pearl rings in particular are such a common, yet unique gift.

Little girls love wearing pearls.  They play dress up, wearing Mommy’s pearl necklace.  The grown up ladies love the look of a gorgeous pearl ring.  They sport their pearl rings wherever they go.  As they flash their pearl rings, something strangely contradictory happens.  When all eyes gravitate to the pearl ring, it reminds them how delicate and understated a pearl ring is.  The pearl ring through its understatement exudes beauty, elegance, and charm.  The world is your oyster when wearing a pearl ring.

Heart Ring

Love is in the air and heart rings are on the fingers.  Remember as a young teenage girl, how you longed for the heart ring.  A heart ring was the epitome of young love and every young girl wished for her knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet, then get down on one knee and offer up the heart ring.  The heart ring is symbolic of  young love.

Hold on a minute.  The heart ring may still be for those young teenage lovers, but the older gals are just as partial to a beautiful heart ring.  You may be thinking a heart ring is juvenile and a bit corny.  Those days are over.  This is not your grandmother’s heart ring.

Heart rings are for every girl of every age and for many occasions.   While the heart definitely symbolizes love, it also represents life.  Life and love-a great couple.  So a great ring should be theirs—the heart ring.

The heart is often associated with Valentine’s Day, which is the holiday of love and the heart.  Nothing would be greater than to receive a beautiful heart ring on this the holiday for lovers.  Its obvious statement to the world is love and being in love.

Heart rings can be found in many many venues.  A less expensive version of the heart ring can be found online and in discount department stores.  Heart rings can come in different types of stones, but for more affordability, a smaller version of the stone can be mounted in the heart ring.  The heart ring with its distinctive shape can hold tiny diamonds inside the heart.  For even more affordability, instead of the tiny diamonds, opt for cubic zirconium, which is very cheap, but a a wonderful diamond impersonator.

Heart rings purchased from a jewelry store are more expensive.  Real diamonds, sterling silver, platinum, white or yellow gold are just some of the materials used for heart rings.  Since we often associate hearts with the color red, what could be more lovely than a heart ring with a ruby stone.  The older gals in all likelihood are much more appreciative of the red ruby heart ring than the teenage group.  Teen girls probably feel just getting a heart ring from that special someone is enough.  The stone is secondary to the romance.

Heart rings may not be considered the most exquisite piece of jewelry, but the symbolism speaks volumes.  From young girls who are going steady, to the once-popular preengagement rings given as a hope of one day being engaged, the heart ring has obviously been around a long time.  But in these modern times, there are no rules to wearing a heart ring.  It can be a gift from a husband to his wife.  Mother’s day is an appropriate to give Mom a heart ring, letting her know how much you love her.  And don’t leave Grandma out.  She deserves a heart ring too for all she has given to her loved ones.

Heart rings are fun and affordable.  Heart rings are for all ladies and for all occasions.  If you think the heart ring is just for young girls, then think again.  Heart rings are for the young and the young at heart.  Give yourself the gift of love with your very own heart ring.

Amethyst Ring

If you’re birthday month is February, then you have a very special birthstone-amethyst.  The amethyst stone is the world’s most valuable quartz.  So why not take that beautiful stone, mount it, and give yourself the most prized quartz in the world—an amethyst ring.

Let’s say you’re birthday month is April.  Not to worry.  There are other ways to get that fabulous amethyst ring.  What about a six year wedding anniversary.  Amethyst is your stone.  And what better way to say I love you on your sixth anniversary than to give the gift of an amethyst ring.

Okay, February is not your birthday month and it’s not your sixth anniversary.  Did you know that amethyst can ward off drunkenness.  Wearing the tee-totaling amethyst ring, according to legend, will keep you clean and sober.  By wearing an amethyst ring, courage and protection will be as close as your ring finger.  Soldiers in ancient times often wore amethyst in the battle field.  I’m sure many soldiers kissed their amethyst rings for  extra protection and courage.   Need some peace and quiet?  Your amethyst ring will have a claming effect on its wearer.  Peaceful and loving feelings will abound when wearing the beautiful amethyst ring.

The beauty of an amethyst ring is undeniable, coming  in a variety of cuts and colors.  The stand out amethyst ring can be found in mauve, lavender, lilac, and purple.  With so many shades, the wearer can find the perfect amethyst ring to fit her personality.

Like any type of jewelry, the amethyst ring should be cared for properly.  While the amethyst stone  ranks a 7 in hardness, it does not have the stamina of a diamond.  An amethyst ring have some wear can lose its sheen.   In order to bring the amethyst ring back to its original lust, wash it in warm soapy water, then dry it with a soft cloth.  (An old baby diaper is perfect for wiping down the amethyst ring.)

The amethyst ring is truly a wonderful gift for anyone.  To give the amethyst ring an air of originality, include some of the history of the amethyst stone, such as where it used to be mined (Siberia, in the Ural Mountains), and some of the folklore that goes along with it.

The properties of an amethyst ring, its beauty, color, and cut and its legend and history make it an excellent conversation piece any any gathering.  The amethyst stone can be found not just mounted in rings, but in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.  But the glorious amethyst ring moves about with the hand, making it dance with the lights, giving its wearer the sheer pleasure of seeing its beauty highlighted around a room.

It doesn’t matter what your birthday month is or if it’s your anniversary or not,  if you love the look of the amethyst ring, then treat yourself to this one of a kind gem.  It will give you years of enjoyment as you wear it with pride.

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