A Monogram for your Wedding

If you have been doing any research on the monogram you will find that people have been using it for hundreds of years to identify themselves. If actually comes from people using their family shields. This form is still used for many things today to identify people and brands. The modern version of it is the logo, but people still use it for their weddings.

Using a monogram for a wedding is a great idea. If this is what you are thinking about doing for your wedding, then you should consider having a designer create a monogram for your. The good thing about having custom monogram wedding invitations done is that typically you can ask the designer for the monogram when the invitations are completed and then you can use it for all sorts of things afterwards.

You can even have wedding supplies like custom napkins printed with your monogram on them! Another good reason to have the monogram custom made is that the designer can create something that truly reflects you and your fiance. A monogram does not strictly have to be two letters, it could also have symbols in it that are important to your history.

The best thing about the monogram is that it has a history behind it, but it can also be used in a contemporary way. Many contemporary wedding invitations use the monogram as its main theme or it is incorporated into a designed theme. It is nice to see it used in this application because the addition of it creates something more personal but it can be easier to flesh out the rest of the style because their is more of a concrete them to work with rather than just a monogram that may have nothing else associated with it.

This is also another reason having something custom made can help, because the designer you work with may be able to suggest a good way to implement a custom monogram. You cannot fail by using this in a wedding though, because it is classic and can still be used in a modern way.

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