A Guide to Understanding Laser and Water Liposuction

It is not unusual in these times for people to undergo liposuction treatment. Currently, the number of new liposuction techniques is quite numerous. All of these procedures have stated that they are superior to what is currently available, which has aroused the interest of many potential patients. However, most might be confused about the different choices. If that is the case,you will find the following information useful for knowing how each method works.

Begin we begin, it is good to know that most of these new techniques use a wetting solution. The intention is to make the removal process smoother. The main difference between them can be understood from the way the liquefying process is done.

The first procedure we are introducing is called laser liposuction. In this process, surgeons will leverage on a plastic optic to release energy from the laser. This laser technique has the advantage of being more precise and less harmful to the patient. That being said, laser lipo can still result in damages if the surgeon is not well trained in operating a laser.

Another new technique that has been introduced is the slim lipo, which has been invented based on many years of R&D. According to slim liposuction reviews, the benefit of slim lipo over traditional laser lipo is a more elastic laser optic that can emit a wider area of laser energy. The wider laser area means that the power of the laser can be lowered, which lessens the odds of sustaining any burns.

Another new approach for body contouring is called water liposuction. It uses a high pressure water jet to liquefy the fats before the fat extraction. This technique is currently only available in Europe and has not been established in US. As a result, there is less support for this procedure due to a lack of information and reviews from real customers. If you want to know how much does water liposuction cost, its average price ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 Euros.

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