A Couple of Ideas for Personalised Wedding Favors

Making your own wedding favors with the help of your friends can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of things that you buy for your wedding and is a good thing to do. But maybe you want to be a little more hands on where you can do so that it mean more to you. One way to accomplish that is by making your own wedding favors.

Homemade wedding favors are actually quite popular and there is a good bit of information and resources available to help you be successful. Here are just three ideas that you may find appealing.

We always thought that the flower seed wedding favors were nice. Of course, they fit best a springtime or even summertime wedding. It is something your guests can take home and plant. Something that they see for some time to come and remember your special occasion. And you know that you are adding to the beauty of the earth.

Seeds aren’t too expensive and you can order as much as you need through various websites. You’ll want to pick something that will grow in the area that your guests are from. And they don’t have to be just flowers. Some couples even have given out vegetable seed wedding favors! Maybe you can think of something that would fit in with the theme of your wedding or a vegetable that your area is known for. What about peaches for Georgia?

You no doubt have seen potpourri sachets as wedding favors. Buy your favorite sent online and put it some bags. Decorate it up a bit if you want. Crafty people will have no trouble coming up with something nice. If you aren’t that person, then maybe one of your friends or family members is. If that is there thing, they will likely take great joy in helping to contribute in this way to your wedding.

Finally, personalised chocolate wedding favors is a perennial favorite. Yes, you can buy these but they can be a bit pricey. Do it on your own and you can save a few bucks to put on something else in your wedding. Simply go to a craft store or probably any place that has kitchen stuff and you can find the molds and even chocolate wedding favors kits that will have everything you need.

None of these ideas is revolutionary but if you want to add some unique wedding favors, just personalize them to your wedding theme or colors.

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