55 Gallon Aquarium Stand


If you are considering purchasing an aquarium stand, but find that it is too expensive, another option you have is to build the aquarium yourself. Building a DIY aquarium stand (do it yourself) is a project that can be fun and inexpensive.

There are many websites available that offer directions and instructions on do it yourself fish tank stands.  Not only do you get the satisfaction of having made something yourself versus just buying it like everyone else, you have an immediate conversation piece.  A fish tank usually draws quite a bit of conversation, but having built the stand yourself is a true accomplishment, especially considering how heavy fish tanks can get.

If you have a bigger tank, anywhere from 55 gallons and up, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Selecting a 55 gallon aquarium stand (and upwards) is an important process. The stand plays an essential part in keeping your tank safe and level. Depending on whether your tank is glass or acrylic, you will need to purchase a stand that can hold the proper weight. For example, glass aquariums weigh three times as much as acrylic aquariums. Be aware of this when selecting your stand and be sure to choose a stand that can support the weight of your tank.

Before finalizing your decision, be sure to look at the trim on the aquarium and match it with the stand you plan on purchasing. There is nothing worse than buying a stand that doesn’t match, or clashes with the aquarium you have.

After all, a fish tank is a huge initial investment, and continually requires constant care throughout the length of the time you own it.  You need to constantly clean and replace the water, feed the fish, and other types of regular upkeep that comes with caring for live animals.  While it is a lot of work and money, it is a very satisfying experience overall.

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